Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kissed By Shadows by Lola Stvil

Kissed By Shadows (Kissed By Shadows Series, Book 1) by [StVil, Lola]

Meet this brave young women who is the LAST hope out of all the creatures in this world, to save it. And nobody likes the fact that it is a weak, pathetic human. Atlas is a seeming normal human, who lost her mother and seems like her world feel apart in the first few chapters of her books, all because of her father. But it doesn't stop there. She learns of another world that she has become unwilling part of. 
    When she is whisked away after seeing her friend ripped in half, she meets Kane. A very sexy looking guy, who throws her a$$ out the window. Yes, out the window. All she knows is that Sadie sent her to him, and he is supposed to keep her safe. Not the way to start that off. But she slowly learns more and more of why all this stuff is happening to her, and what all the consequences of her actions will be and she still accepts. To save everyone. This author is new to me, and I love her. I love how descriptive she gets in some spots, and I have one clicked her next book to come out in this series because I have to read more. When the world for the most part is against you, and you are in love with the one demon you should not, and the angels seem shifty. You don't cry, you suck it up and get moving. Only so much time to save the world and all. All because boys will be boys. 







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OK  let me start off with, I will rarely one click the next book, especially if it is more that 1.99, but i couldn't do that. The cliffhanger (which this author is known to do at the end of the books) has me so hooked, i had to. I like how the backstory was introduced through out the story so that it wasn't to much all at once. I also like the fact that most supernaturals do not like the fact that this last chance rest on the shoulder of this weak, pathetic looking human girl. But as the demon is slowing realizing, humans are more than what they appear. I like the fact that this whole book is based on two sons, who just can't seem to get along. (sounds like my boys, actually, if my boys were twins, i could see them being like this, urg, boys, i love them though) Two so different people with what they want to do to this world, and a father who just can't seem to understand why they feel that way. well i guess he can, but having fun while watching your children hash it out, is also lots of fun. well i guess when lots of lives are on the line, not so much but, hey, gotta have fun as a god somehow. anywho. 
      I like how when she is explained a major plot point. she repeats it back but in simpler terms. just so that the reader gets it. i also love how i can not guess what is going to happen next. you think the author will go one way, but nope, there is a left curve ball, roll with the flow now. hence being thrown out the window. didn't see that coming. there is just so much about this book series that is going to be amazing that i can not wait fir the next book in a couple of days. to know that even though they lost one angel already, and the most dangerous demon in the entire universe, she just happens to be in love with.
     what make their love so interesting to me is, that one: when she said yes to the quest (trademarking that) and when the last thing she needs to complete said quest, is a heart. does that mean her heart, heart of someone she loves?? because when you get all the items together (if you can get them all), they are supposed to make you Immortal. so if she kills herself, wont she still survive? maybe i read it wrong. who knows. but more interesting is that fact this last time to try and save the world, because no one else has succeed from the rest of the supernatural community. They all have been based of off a deadly sin. and this time it is seduction. maybe this demon is playing her, making her fall in love. Maybe it is part of the quest, that he to has feelings because the father wants to save his precious humans. maybe it is all a ploy. and the author is just messing with our heads. although, i think the demon is not legit doing this on purpose, but it is a demon. love or not. sometimes we just don't have a choice. 
        so if you haven't check this one out. It was very funny. the main character is quick to snap back and i love it. I am just like that, and love to find it in characters in books

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