Saturday, February 17, 2018

Forgotten (The Lost Children Trilogy) By Krista Street

Forgotten: Book #1 in The Lost Children Trilogy by [Street, Krista]

So I got this book for free from Amazon, and was like, huh, well seems interesting enough, lets see what becomes of this. And it wasn't half bad. I like the build up and the base that was established with this book. But you can't expect to much back story when they wake with out remembering who you are or where you are. But the author did a great job of still giving me enough to go on. And to keep me interested in the next book for sure. I have no idea how I can relate to this type of situation but the author did a good job of putting me in the head of these people and even better with unknown powers to each. Although they do know their powers, they still don't know if it is natural, or if they are aliens from another planet. Heck, if I woke up with no memory I would want to think that I was from a different planet like Superman. Can't be that far fetched. All though the book did seem to drag a little, it was necessary for the development of the book series. Next book to come after a while. It is on my TBRL on goodreads now. So as always, below is filled with spoilers and my personal rants and raves of the books. So its FREE as of today on amazon, go get it, check it out. 







Alright, so this book was pretty good as stated from above. What I find weird is that only one person from this group of 8 seems to have woke up differently. Wonder if that has anything to do with the part of her memory loss. But waking up with no memories and nothing around you would scare the crap out of me. And to have this gut feeling to go one way or another. Well at least that never let her down. But to be able to judge peoples characters by the "clouds" (aura) on a person would be an amazing gift to have. I just hope that she is reading them properly. Since she didn't have any memories, I hope that she is right with it all. When she meets the group, I think I would of bailed on that car ride. Even if their clouds were different. They just seemed really weird to be in that car ride with. What is even more weird to me, is that most of this group is unwilling and not really seeming interested in finding out who they are. I would be filled with so many questions and would want to know, but I guess when you are reminded that you are not filled as a missing person or that your names are common, doesn't really help. But still. I am glad they all found each other, this group of misfits, and that they got some answers and the end of this book. I do really like the open communication that this group seems to have. More often than not, in a group with this many main characters, doesn't always seem to happen, but the author said it best, (pg. 163) "Control isn't something we have much of." I love that they work as one, and not a dictatorship like most seem to be. over all, a solid 4/5 flying flaming weasels from me. Oh and I absolutely love the Ranch. except creepy dude. I love the idea, I love the owners, and if this ever happens to me. I hope that I land on a place like this, sounded so lovely. (just got back from Colorado in Nov) And I totally wanna bit@h slap Amber. 

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