Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Review: Lucky by Jenn Nixon

The Lucky Collection by [Nixon, Jenn]

So far i have read only book one of the three in the series, but lets start there because i got the box set because i have read this author before, and love her. and had to have more of the Mind Series. which if you haven't started yet, get on it. they are good.

And Jenn, I love the cover.

OK. back to lucky. i like this girl. another bad ass female lead, but this one is almost like a robot. so focused on her mission that she doesn't and can't see what is going on in the one area of her life she has always neglected. and i love more how when presented with the information to change that, she is shocked that everyone is aware and deals with it. I like the love affair that she has herself into. a perfect match with the one that understands the most.

This first book has hooked me with the back story that I am most interested in. Jenn has done it again. Gotten me into an amazing series. Maybe it really is a good luck charm, maybe its more. Maybe i'm crazy. well, that's debatable. any-who, if you haven't heard of Jenn, (if you read this blog i know you do, I've reviewed the Mind Series before) go back and take a look at that series, and than check this one out for sure, this is gearing up to be one not to miss for Jenn. links are below. After the next part, i will review that, and than after the third i will do spoilers, gonna hold off cause gotta see how this plays out. Jenn likes to go to the other field when I think it will go one way. Lets find out. Grab your copy today, and don't forget to find her on Facebook!!!!

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  1. Thank you! So glad you're enjoying Lucky!

  2. Can't afford it right now but added it to wishlist but when i did that it said it was already on thier