Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Freebie books - PennedCon post one

Hi everyone, and to everyone who actually reads these. thank you. i appreciate this and i hope you enjoy what i have for you today.

so on Sept 29 and Sept 30, me and Ashley, from here too, decided to go to PennedCon 2017 for my bachlorette party and to meet some amazing authors. Boy did i meet some amazing authors. When i mentioned who we were and what we were there for, I got some amazing swag for you guys who read our stuff. So i decided to finally open up the Facebook page. Please go give it a like, tell your friends to follow. Not only did i get swag bags, that i need to make (give me a week to seperate it all and get it into the bags, i have three stuffed full), but I also got three books and one surpise that will be given away on fri Oct 27 the day before my reception. getting married on halloween and my reception on the 28th. so that giveaway will go up tomorrow and run for a few weeks. you will not want to miss this one!!!

but today what i have for you is free book downloads from varies authors. so go get your free books, like the Facebook  page and can't wait to hear from you guys soon. dont forget to leave reviews on amazon and goodreads when you get done reading!! support our authors. thanks!!!!

J.L. Weil - White Raven

~ Kelly Risser 2 books:

         - War & Pieces Frayed Fairy Tales, Episode 1

         - Never Forgotten

~ Amy Miles 2 books:

        - Defiance Rising

        - Forbidden

Kristie Cook - A Demon's Promise

~ Pam Godwin - Heart of Eve

~ Katharina LeBoeuf - Pieces of Us

~ Lichelle Slater - Step Right Up

OK - i know i have more, let me see if i can find them and i will put them in a new post. please share share share!!! and PLEASE don't forget to leave a review on amazon and goodreads after you get done reading them. help support our authors.

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