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Review: Pretty Reckless by Jane Anthony

Title: Pretty Reckless

Author: Jane Anthony

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 22, 2017

Special Price: $0.99

Addiction: the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Love: feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone)
Amazing how two words with vastly different definitions can have the same adverse effect on the spirit. I may be an addict, but I’m no longer foolhardy enough to be addicted to one man. No, this girl finds her comfort in thirst quenching liquid -- it dulls the pain caused by tainted love. 
True love may exist, but not for me.
Reckless: without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action
The guy I used to be is a distant memory. I left him in the past, vowing never to be that man again. But never say never, right? This time, I became him out of need. Need for her. She only let me in assuming I enjoyed being on the outside, at arm’s length. But the more I fight the desire brewing in my veins, the harder she is to resist.
Wrong for each other, but carved from the same stone.
He is my rock.
She is my air.
But rocks shatter, and if you get high enough, air becomes unbreathable.
No matter how good it might seem, getting wrapped up in each other is pretty reckless...

Without looking up, she lifts her feet, allows me to sit, and then places them over my lap. I watch her scan the small screen, the lighted background shining against her dark brown irises. Every few seconds, she swipes to the left. “What are you doing?”
“Just messing around online.” 
I lean in just in time to see her swipe again. “Are you on a dating site?” The contempt in my voice is hard to hide. Kat and I have spent every moment together, pretty much, since the day we met. The idea that she’ll eventually end up dating someone never crossed my mind. 
“It’s just Tinder.”
“You really feel like you’re ready to start dating again?” Panic sits on my heart, stabbing at the meshy membrane with a dull fork. The thought of her even looking at another man makes me wants to go on a jealous rampage. She’s been living in my house for the past five weeks, crawling into my bed when she can’t fall asleep. Kat’s mine. Whether she knows it or not. 
“Dating?” She pulls her hair down, and all of mine stand up. The faintest hint of juicy, ripened fruit wafts into my nostrils. Why couldn’t she smell like powder or flowers? Anything other than apples. Because of Kat, the mere thought of a Granny Smith stiffens my cock to an agonizing mass. If I don’t do something about this soon, I’m going to spend the rest of my life in analysis. “No. I’m just looking for a little release.” 
I raise an eyebrow, watching her feverish swiping continue. “You’re looking for a booty call.” 
Her gaze leaves her phone and locks on mine. “Not everyone’s a sex camel like you are, Chase. I can’t just store it in my lady humps and feed off it in tiny increments.” 
“I’m not a sex camel.” 
“You’re right. You’re more a like sexual terrorist. My coochie has been on the no-fly list since the day I met you, and right now, it just needs a little extra mileage. I’m not looking for anything more than that. So,” —she lifts her phone and waggles it back and forth— “Tinder.” 
The corners of my mouth turn down. I focus on the television, pretending to watch the Kardashians fight when really, I’m imagining what it would be like to drag Kat into my room caveman-style and lock her away. I’m a selfish prick. I can’t have her, but I don’t want anyone else to have her either. 
“Should I get my lips done?” From the corner of my eye, I see her pressing her fingertips against her puckered mouth as she watches the TV alongside me. “I want Khloe Kardashian lips.”
“Your lips are fine.” 
“Word to the wise, Chase. Never tell a woman she’s fine. Fine is the kiss of death.” 
I turn to look at her. Your lips are perfect. Two plump little pillows that would feel incredible sliding over my erection. “There’s not a thing about you I’d change.” 
“You’re biased because you’re my friend.” 
I just know what I like. “Scout’s honor.” 
She rolls her eyes and looks back down at her phone. Swipe . . . swipe . . . swipe . . . all to the left. Then one to the right. My heart sinks. 
“You right swiped.” 
“Ew, are you watching me? Creeper alert!” 
I hold out my hand. “Let me see.”
“Come on! Show me!” I reach out to grab the phone, but she jerks her arm back.
“No way, Jose!” That innocent giggle wraps itself around my heart and travels to my dick in an instant. My laugh. My girl. Fuck Tinder. 
Gobs of hysteric cackling erupt from her chest when I squeeze her knee with my fingers. She squirms and writhes, attempting to tear my grip from her leg. My free hand moves to her stomach. The phone falls to the floor and bounces across the carpet, long forgotten. 
When I shift to my knee in an attempt to avoid a karate kick to the face, her arms shoot up and grasp my shirt, pulling me down against her. Frantic breath beats against my lips, her eyes wild with passion and fire. 
Face to face, her body trembles. Raven strands of hair stick to her mouth. I run my fingers down her cheek and slip them behind her ear. Those lips. Those fucking amazing lips are so close to mine I can almost taste them.
So close . . .
The first taste is everything.

Jane Anthony is a romance author, fist pumping Jersey-girl, and hard rock enthusiast. She resides in the 'burbs of New Jersey with her husband and children. A lover of Halloween, vintage cars, & coffee, she’s also an encyclopedia of useless 80's knowledge and trivia. When not writing, she's an avid reader, concert goer, and party planner extraordinaire.

Jane loves hearing from her readers! Connect with her on these social media sites, and don't be too shy to say hello!


So this brought mainly smiles to my face when reading the restraint that he has to not even touch her. And how easy it was for them to kinda keep things on the down low and just give snide bits of information to each other to get them to fall in love and not even realize it.

how they can lift and carry each other through all of that, and still not even realize how much they need each other. I love the saying that even when you are fu@k buddies, don't fall for each other. But when they do, how do you react? Do you jump with joy knowing they share the same feelings, or do you keep freezing than pushing them away so you don't have to deal with it. how much can one person take with a roller coaster of emotions that would drive me to a nice mimosa. umm. sounds good. gotta make one soon. 

I love the chemistry between these two characters. Take the hard core party girl, you know the one who doesn't have a black book but a black binder, and mesh it with the bad guy turned good. both who need sometimes just a little relief and maybe a little stability won't hurt. they seem to mesh even with how different their lives turn out to be. sometimes you just can't pass that once and a life time love. well i guess you can. and i guess you will if you have to. i just don't see why you would. 

Can your past demons pass you up and you learn to embrace the future? Or better yet,stay in the present and ignore it all to enjoy what you fell now. It us all a drug, just which one will win? 


OK. Can I say that I want some of that Chase. Tattoos, piercings all over, and in places that if you haven't been with a guy that has had those piercings, well let me tell you, they are amazing. well the one guy i had experience with that did. yummy. here is a bad boy, that has already hit rock bottom and is trying and seems to be succeeding in turning his life around. and can I say, sexy bedroom content here. umm. so our girl, who is about to hit rock bottom, is helped by a stranger to learn about life again and she realizes what life can and will be about. I love how the family life is somewhat involved and can be very intense at a few times, wondering what remark what might be said, or action may happen. I love Grams BTW. OMG. this sweet lovely lady has taken my heart in this book. I know her role in the book, but damnit, reminds me of what my mom might be like when i get older. so sweet and innocent. she made Kat even see what she needed in life. sometimes, you have to step into the unknown realm to realize that the change is a good one, and everything will be alright in the end. well, most the time. So i give this book 4.7/5 only because I wanna know what all his tattoos look like. so go get the book, check it out. nice spicy read. hot at times. but good amount of drama to keep you going til the end. 

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