Monday, July 3, 2017

Review of Twenty-Four Potential Children of Prophecy

Twenty-Four Potential Children of Prophecy (The Numbers Just Keep Getting Bigger Book 1) by [Sorensen, Emily Martha]

So what do you do when the "fates" have maybe choosen you, and you want nothing to do with it? Well you talk and don't keep your mouth shut. No matter what you are shown from the fates. But why try to fight it, when you can work against it and use it to your advantage. One of them will end the war, and no one can stop them. 

I had a love hate relation ship with the main character, but if you get over how annoying she is and stick it put to the end, you will understand more when you FINISH the book. Yes she is annoying, but man, you will understand when you finish the book. So suck it up buttercup. 






So, I have a love hate relationship with this main character. She has to know that she is purposelly putting her foot in her mouth with the fates. She seems to almost want the attention, but regrets the consequenses of her actions that she knows the fates will respond. At first I couldn't tell if she was dumb and was just doing it because she couldn't help it. But further on in the book, we learn that yes, she knows what she is doing, and hot damn. She is very smart and I didn't even notice the full set up that goes from the beggining all the way to the end. I really thought this main character was annoying, but turns out she is just smart as all hell. and doesn't care that other people think. and knows how to work a room. I love how she keep besting the king, and showing him how much of an idiot he was being but did it, sometimes, with grace and finasee. most of the time no, she just spoke her mind like a 2 year old. But I enjoyes the read, and look forward to more in the future. 

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