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Review of Mackenzie Grey series by Karina Espinosa

Mackenzie Grey (4 Book Series) by  Karina Espinosa

1. Shift 

2. Caged

3. Alpha

4. Omega (releases Aug 11, 2017)

Ok, so this review I am doing a little different. I couldn't put the first three books down and would of read the fourth book in this series, but it not out yet. So the review may jump around a little but deal with it, or don't you can leave, but this series is one to read for sure.

So in this new adult urban fantasy, we meet our star performer Mackenzie. She is a werewolf, or she thinks she is. When the moon is full, she shifts into a wolf. So three times a month she gets locked in a cage to shift. She is a college student like any other, and her internship with the PP1, where she gets to work along side a detective along side with her job as a bouncer at a local bar. Her best friend Amy, who is human, has been with her since her first shift. She helped her make her cage and has been a rock when no one else was there for her.

She has this douche-bag of and x-boyfriend (human). He seems like a jockie-ish type that thinks he is the bees knees (they are from a small town). This jerk off deserves all that he does get. I think she was nice to him in the end. I would of not been so nice.

So we meet another player named Jonah (beta of the Brooklyn pack), when our girl is trying to get home as she is shifting. She was already cutting it close when the cab hits traffic and she intends to run home when she bumps into Jonah. He knows what she is but she gets away from him. But he has her scent and now is looking for her.

Along with his brother Sebastian, they found her and kidnap her back to their home. They think she is a lone wolf, one that doesn't belong to a pack. And she is a Luna none the less. So they think they have hit the jackpot, but oh no. Not our girl. She is a spit fire and all she wants is her freedom like she has been having. But everyone else thinks that they know what is good for her. Boy did she show them in all different ways, not only in America but also in Europe, how much she wants her freedom.

She finds allies and enemies close and far away, and ones she didn't even know existed. She has grown up with the humans and that is all she knows. She will not conform to the Luna way because of how archaic that is. She will get to the truth one way or another, and she doesn't care who is in the way. Even the King himself can not get in her way. She will have it her way and everyone will follow it, weather they like it or not.

So if you haven't read this series, I don't know why you haven't yet. so get out there and read it..
my thoughts are below for all three. i tried to sum it up some since i have read three books, but somethings must be said. With that being said, below as always are spoilers, so please support our authors and read the books and leave a review.








Alright, so I feel hard (total girl crush) on this main character. Not only is she loyal, brave, VERY independent, and apparently cute but she speaks before her brain on almost all occasions. Yes she knows deep down when to shut her mouth, she just doesn't care because she is saying her two cents and all will listen. When we first meet her, she doesn't know why at her age that she is shifting into a wolf. She wasn't bitten and her parents are not wolf shifters, they are human. So either she is a natural that shifted late or something else that i couldn't think of yet with out more info. so when i read what her job was to be a police officer, more like a detective, i was surprised she wasn't higher in the force with her wolf senses. but can understand i guess not wanting to draw attention to yourself.

when she first meet Jonah, i thought he was not going to play by the rules, i thought he was going to be chill. but man at first he seems so logical. like he should be the one to get the girl. But this guy in my opinion is kinda crazy. he is willing being a beta because that isn't what he wants to do with this life since he saw the effects of it on his dad. 

so if he can make that choice, why couldn't and can't she make that choice. why you may ask, because of the male chauvinistic wolves that think they are god in their own eyes. women are for one thing to them, and that is to breed, take care of the house in every aspect, and to be treated however and no one does a damn thing about it. well our girl is not down for that. she was raised with humans, never even known that she was a wolf til she turned unexpectedly a few years ago. she viewed these women as proud and powerful, but most women couldn't see themselves that way because when something has been the norm for years, does it ever really change? Nope it freaking doesn't because its hard to be one voice to change it all. 

i wanna know where she is from. at the end, we learn that when she was first taken buy the pack, they took a blood sample to see who her lineage matches. i mean, you normally start to shift at puberty, and for a girl that can range from the age of 9 to 12 (i was an early starter). so how did she change. i love how she just wants to stay alone, and not conform to the norm. I always wondered how long the guys actually knew of her lineage. Either from Lucian (vampire) or the Alpha of the Americas. And i did found out both, one sooner than the other, and when i found the other, i always wondered how the hell he didn't make sure she was ok all those years. 

after the alpha told her of her lineage, and that she was the bastard child of the King, the spiral she went through and leaving to go to California, was totally expected for her. I won't want anything less from her. (total girl crush)

so in the second book, when she went on her vision quest finally, she gets the weirdest prophecy that makes some sense but not all of it. and i am sure we will understand later. she is shacking it up with a vamp named Roman. Now he sounds like the bees knees to me. unlike Jonah who thinks he knows best and goes behind her back to go against her wishes and Bash who is such an emotional roller coaster of a guy to hold on to. Roman lets her be who she wants to be, truly. If he disagrees with her, he lets her make the mistake, but before she does, he does try to reason and show her a better way, but still lets her do it. this kind of guy can only last for so long, but it seems like this is what she needs to do. 

and you know, for someone who wants her freedom so bad she doesn't always think. when she finds a wolf pup, she takes her to the desert wolves to help place her in the proper place. why wouldn't she think about her scent on there. its almost like she is careless in her information of her own kind. but none the less she turns her self in to the American Alpha, and finally starts her prophecy. 

what i didn't like about this, is how could these Lunas just do as they are told. I know that the Chicago pack is horrible (disclaimer at the beginning of the book) but can there be more that is that bad. cause that would make me fall in line. but i would want to fight back, i may be scared to do anything. but i would want justice and to seek vengeance. that is why i was glad that she came back to help all the other women. 

And when they are struck with a hard blow and all seems lost, why not go into rage mode. She gets the point across, and even finally gets to see her father on a video conference. and i can not believe that Bash and Jonah have gotten their necks stuck in the same loop of doom. I am glad that we found out that she was in a closed adoption, and that the vamp has known who she is all this time who she was and has tried to help her, but what did he do to her to make it so that her wolf side was diminished? we found out that a friendly witch spelled her wolf side, so what it wouldn't come out. So, begs to ask, WTF happened and make it so that it happened. and we found out finally in book 3 who is the culprit. (read it to find out, I'm not that nice, ask Ashley)

and when she finally goes "home" to meet her fate from the decision to be made about their fate. she walks into what she thinks will be an ambush, but all that is shown is love and acceptance. she learns that her father wants to get to know her, that he didn't even know that he existed. but the eyes do not lie. she meets her creepy step-brother and step-mother. you can't help but think about all the fairy tales about a step mother, but she puts the cake to perfection on this one. i can't help but wonder about her at first, she seems so perfect. like a godsend for a step mother. but you will soon learn more about her than i wanted to guess. 

after she decides to do what she wants than to listen to anyone, she soon finds herself at trial. and of course she makes it so she is the one who wins her favorite game of recent, win my freedom. but when she wins, that is when her world is turned upside down again. To learn all that she has through these books, she is a chick with balls for sure. She has the rock for so many people and when she finds all the puzzle pieces that she has so far, she is still left with some questions. 

like... we know her mom was an oracle, and that she helped her daughter when she needed it the most. but what did the fairy queen mean when she said that. like WHAT. what more can she do? JUST awakening?? WHAT??? i need to know more. and the Oracle biznich who elaborated a little more, but still left with so many questions. what more does she know? what are these Oracles really? we know so little about them but they seem really important but we know nothing of them in this world really.

and how could the king not know about all that. i mean seriously. he is just like his daughter and blinded by what is in front of them. I wonder if it is a royal thing. blood royal i mean. and with the statement of how could the king not know about it all, i am talking about two different insistence that i don't wanna spoil all the books. come on now, how is that fair. i love love love kindle unlimited. well worth the money in my book. any who. 

i love this story and i think the kings back story when this all started would be an awesome read, hint hint my Karina Espinosa, i hope it is coming soon. maybe the new book will shed more light on the past that seems to be merging with the now. I can not wait for the fourth book, and have amazingly enjoyed this series from an amazing author that has another series that she has written that i think i will have to look into after a few books i need to read. 

so go get the books. this is worth the read. later!!!  

 p.s. my fiance will be gone for like 3 weeks, lets have a giveaway!! tell me, would you like books, or swag?? US only, sorry, i am poor and can't pay international rates. 

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