Saturday, July 8, 2017

First Christmas By Heather Karn

First Christmas by [Karn, Heather]

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What is so enchanting about the North Pole? How about Santa and his elves working with Dragons. Ever think about that. I didn't but it works. There are no pesky reindeer that pull Santa's sleigh, but mighty Dragons. Yes, I like that very much. When you meet our main lass, she is brewing some kind of happiness out of that cold weather. She just wants to make everyone happy and see the world through her amazing eyes. When a few new dragons come and seek their treasure because of how large of a group it is. Will she be able to make the understand their treasure, or is she doomed to a horrible fate? Will her love rescue her in time, is he already dead? 


AHEAD, go read the book.





thoughts as i go along:

OK, Christmas is not my fave holiday, Halloween is, hence why i am getting married this Halloween. but i can't help but smile every now and than at the pure joy that seems to be coming off of the pages when some of the north pole elves places are described. love the energy coming off of the main character and the uncanny sense of people. quite enjoyable when she just seems so happy go lucky. and she doesn't care who she ropes into her happiness. She wants everyone there.
these dragons are different but i think they have just evolved from their brother dragons to accept more out of life. i like this new guy. how open he is. and how trust worthy he wants to be deemed.
i love how the bad guy just loses horribly in the end out of a big ego. because he cant understand what love is. i love the determination of the characters and the love and happiness that seeps off the pages for me. good read. thank you Heather.  

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