Friday, June 30, 2017

Never Look Back by W.J. May

Never Look Back (Paranormal Huntress Series Book 1) by [May, W.J.]

I just wanted to say that i love this author. She has always engaged me in all her books. Which I have read more than half her books, almost all of them, and have never been let down. And this one did not let me down at all. With enough of a back story to keep me turning pages this is going to be a real good series. You meet our young lady, in high school, with some very important secrets to keep from her best friend. But when an ancient enemy finally decides to come back, her uncle is frantic to keep the peace that has held up when the druids came to help. Now that they are getting just a glimmer of what they can do, and the fate of the town not looking too good. What is a clueless girl to do?

Defiantly worth the read, I am going to pre-order this series which the next book releases soon.  






Thoughts as I go along:

so excitied to finally read this. new series for her.. o.m.g. the back story. can i say sounds yummy. it gives you just enough details to get the jest of it, but not all the details. like whats up with all the ravens.. whats up with the creepy guy stalking a teenager.. we shall see where this goes.. ok, so ravens are just not a good sign for this girl. Red eyes too, man sounds like a strong vamp, but i donno. 
I donno if i would not have talked to someone about those dreams of reoccurring dreams. that seems like an important link to the bad guys. 
ok. shit has hit the fan. both sides have people dying. these hybrids are a great mystery. hey can control wolves and other vamps. WTF. that doesnt sound good. well, glad that she is the key to all this stuff, but like, why isn't uncle here telling her more important infomation. what happens if she gets kidnapped or something, she needs to know (ok, i wanna know, like now) but ok, let see what happens. 
omg. he died. just like that. gone. and now the town is going to go to hell. oh, man, what a great cliff hanger. that is one i won't even complain about, because its is more like, wow. did that really happen. damn. ok, when is the next book. 
no i won't tell you who did, or what happened, go read the book and support our authors. 
so yeah, this series i will be following and look forward to. 

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