Monday, June 5, 2017

A Bond of Venom and Magic

A Bond of Venom and Magic (The Goddess and the Guardians Book 1) by [Tomlinson, Karen]

If you like Sarah J. Maas, you will love this series. You are taken to a world where magic it practically outlawed. There are evils in the world you can only dream of. You first meet our characters in a tragic setting. When your world flips upside down over night, do you roll with the punches? Who do you trust? Finding out things no one told you your whole life, with earth shattering bombs, and your beloved friends are in moral danger. Do you do as you are told? Or do you rebel? And what is this strange connection to Hugo, the sexy fae warrior that is always around her.






Thoughts as i go along. 

omg. being told she is less and undesirable because she is a mix is a load of crap. at least she is taking it with strides, someone who knows how people view them and knows that whatever she says will not change that. 

i can understand why her uncle and father never told her about themselves. being part of that major army. being awesome and amazing is more like it. I like how the other army came to save them. what scares me is this queen who steals power from people. and is she giving it to other people, because obviously its OK to use magic if you are in the queens hands, pockets, bed, however you wanna phrase it. but this deep soul connection that was apparently just a myth, has rocketed two friends over one female. one that has this Nexus connection and the other that has lust for her and what she can do. with her world falling down around her, her uncle now leading the army, which way will she go. what powers does she truly have.

I wanna know why, no one really knows wtf is going on with this Nexus connection. I bet the queen is behind all this misinformation. She doesn't like any magic users in her area, unless she controls them. How could all this come to be. I mean there is a weird shield around her, but she is an evil biotch. I mean come one. Who hasn't questioned this. I like how this isn't like common knowledge. its frustrating not knowing why, so hopefully this will be explained more in the future. I wanna know this story.

So Diamond is real special. Like Goddess special. Sweet. I wonder what her powers can do. I hope to see that soon cause that would be amazing to see what her true powers will be. if you haven't started this series, you need to. You will not be disappointed at all. (if you like these kind of stories)

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