Monday, June 5, 2017

A Bond of Blood and Fire

A Bond of Blood and Fire (The Goddess and the Guardians Book 2) by [Tomlinson, Karen]

For this part of the review, since the book comes out next week, I will not have ANY spoilers in this review. I will post my deeper review, after the book releases. So come back around June 22, that's my b-day, and I will post it than. Maybe put a print giveaway in there to with the launch FINALLY of our Facebook page (delay totally my fault). 

This book is just.. wow.. this series is just like sarah j. maas series. The Queen really hates Diamond. The things this evil women can do, with a mere thought, I can not wait until someone kills her. When Diamond is faced with dire situations, who is always on top. Diamond, the Queen, Hugo, the Prince, or the bad guy. The twist and turns this takes you on to an emotional roller coaster that has you questioning the choices they have made. Will Diamond and Hugo finally figure out what this is between them? You have to check out this author if you have not by now. Talk to you guys about this book again on my BIRTHDAY!!!

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