Friday, May 19, 2017

Review: Real Deal by Piper Rayne

Wow, just wow. I was in a rut with reading books. Seemed like it was all bluring togther until i found this book. To me it is a short story (once i got going i couldn't stop), that was perfectly balanced.

You start of by meeting the HOT SINGLE DAD. you heard me right. Single Dad. As a former single mom (getting married on Halloween), I know how hard it is to find a guy who understands (took me three years after i left my sons dad to find someone.). But this guy has got it together. HOT, A DAD, oh and did i mention makes a girl dripping yet by his looks. You meet this bunch of awesome characters in Climax Cove (yeah sign me up), where there is a camp specified for kids who are being cared for by their dad. A summer camp that only ones allowed in are single dads kids (again, where is this so i can take a look). There we meet our camp consular, who we just happen to have back story with (some juicy stuff it seems), and she has to be the camp consular for his daughter. And you can guess right by saying things get steamy this summer with this novel. Loved the story, love the characters that will be introduced more in the coming months.

please check this one out. really good book.

this book i read almost straight so the reactions that you will get will be the following:

really now... i saw that... damn, he did not just say that... man i want a unicorn cupcake now... oh snap, he went there, smack him, smack him... dripping wet, where is my fiance.. oh shit, this guy needs to be punched... oh man, yes yes yes... oh no, shit, dont get cornered, oh well, you tried... you go girl... heck yes, thats what i am talking about... finally, jesus took long enough.. god he is clueless, problay best lay there is too, quite types usually are... man, she is going to have to make the move... the end...

not all of those are in order, but everyone one of those i said out loud and made me explain the book many many times.

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