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Review: Everlasting Flame

Everlasting Flame (The Tainted Souls Trilogy Book 1) by [Anderson, Katelyn]

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This book takes you on a ride of vengeance and the consequences of those actions. After her parents are brutally murdered in front of her, she must make a decision to take action to change the world for the better or to just forget it and deal with what has been dealt. She is being hunted and betrayed at every corner of her life, can she survive to change the world, or will darkness win and consume her soul?

spoilers ahead:





OK. so after her parents are killed, she decides to go against the agency and pretty much screw over her uncle that went out on a limb and protected her, saved her really. So she, of course, will choose the path that will darken her soul. Her Uncle respects her wishes and lets her go train with Cyrus. An assassin with vengeance on his mind also. So he takes her, makes her into a weapon, and puts her out in the world after killing hundreds of people in one day with Cyrus poison. Man that will make a great statement for a women non the less at her age. 

When the Agency finally get their hands on her, they still have no idea the ticking time bomb on their hands. At least she is so far killing "criminals"and not innocent people. 

When she finally learned of all the people there for her parents death, i was surprised of her forgiveness. they may of been unwilling pawns (unsure never was said in the book), not sure of the situation they walked in, but she is braver than me.

Her feelings for Cyrus, i think are more important than anything, this "man" is dangerous. i guess i would take what he calls his love and be on his good side than the bad. scary "man".  Dane her boss is a dick. plain and simple. 

i think that i need to hear this prophecy they keep talking about. its been hinted at but not completely said. 

I like how she leans on Lorenzo for comfort and they have explored their relationship and it works great, but when she could no longer be with him because of his magic, what about hers that is inside. i know it is "caged" up until later in life so she can take down the agency, but i wonder how she will cope with that. 

When she lost it after the set up they knew they were walking into, and after her team died, (i was shocked by this one). I really like how dark she went, it showed how much you need other people in life to help balance you. 

I still cant believe that he locked her mind down where she cant kill with out being in life or death, but she was out of control and instead of changing the world, she would destroy it. WTF, i want to know what this says. come on... i hate being curious and not getting an answer. well i will soon. 

the second book releases soon, and i can not wait to see what happens, so we get to hear the prophocey?? does she rearrange her mind to make it like it was before?? so not patiently waiting for the next book. lets go.....

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