Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cinderella: A Real Life Fairytale by Jamie Brook Thompson

Cinderella Audiobook 

Cinderella: A Real Life Fairytale


  • Written by: Jamie Brook Thompson
  •  61 pages
    Published March 30th 2017 by Von Kurtis Publishing 

    I always have hate giving bad reviews for books especially books that are "fun reads" but this book I really struggled with and was very disappointed.  The concept was kind of neat a grease monkey girl meets the guy of her dreams.   The problem is the whole story is kind of odd.  It is supposed to take place in the real world but how everything comes about just doesn't fit.  Cindy Ellis is an orphan who lives with her aunt and uncle and her cousin in a small town.  She works in the garage (replacement for cleaning houses).  The cousin is annoying kind of like the step sister and wants the "prince" Henry and she has a best friend do her hair and makeup kind of like a fairy godmother.  
    When it started I was expecting high school age but alas they were a bit older.  They just acted so immature.  Usually with these stories I get something a laugh but I struggled.  There were some cute moments but just this book wasn't for me.  
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    I really disliked how quickly the relationship progressed especially being a real life story.  You do not go from never talking to them to marrying them in a span of a couple months.  It was also kind of creepy he had his picture in the truck. 
    I think this book would of been much better maybe if it wasn't so rushed as a novella.

     I received this audiobook in exchange for an honest review
  • Narrated by: Angie Hickman
  • Length: 2 hrs and 5 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Release Date:04-20-17
  • Publisher: Jamie Thompson 
Angie Hickman had a great drawl and fit the part of Cindee but she talked way to slow.  I had to increase the speed by 2 because I was having trouble following.  If it wasn't for the speed though I think she is great narrator for this roll.  


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