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The Flame and the Arrow by: Emigh Cannaday

The Flame and the Arrow: Dark Fantasy Paranormal Romance (The Annika Brisby Series Book 1) by [Cannaday, Emigh]

Amazon link - Book 1 was free when this was posted

OK so I choose this book based on the cover. I may not like the way they look, but i like the positions, The chemistry, and the outline of their bodies. I base a lot of my choosing a book on its cover. If an author takes time to make it look great, than it is worth my time to read it over any others (sometimes, I DO have my favorite authors that get picked first, deal with it)

This book, I could not put it down. The details the author puts into to set the mood with just the surrounding areas, makes me envision it. The complex story was put in such a way that you were able to keep up with all characters stories. And never miss a beat. Sure we all have questions, but I have a feeling they will be answered in the following books. In a story that will take you from modern day, to an enchanted world of mystical and elusive creatures, and back to modern day. Tells a common tale in the most comical and interesting love stories. For a free book an Amazon (today when it was published it is, author/Amazon, has a right to change that at any point), it is worth the read to get away from the world for the day. 







my personal thoughts as I read the book:

So when you first meet our main lady, she is at a horrible time in her life. Needing to get a away, on a drunken stupor of a night, she emails, yes emails, her favorite uncle, who is in a different country. He calls her the next morning, and she is whisked away on the promise of, you cook for us, you can stay here for free. Well, I don't know about you but if my favorite uncle called me and said i will pay for you ticket to come here tomorrow and all you have to do is cook for my expedition team while we look for bugs, Ummm hell yes. sign me up. I cant cook much, but I will bring plenty of books to cook. 

On her last day left before she decides to end her extended holiday, she goes for a walk. And she finds the strange people she encountered the day before. And with a moth drawn to the flames, she follows them home. YES home. she is a long lost sister (her mother or grandmother was). She even has the birthmark to say it is true. And now she feels right at home!! Having to journey in the most particular ways, to fix her hurt ankle, to the elves. She is thinking, how can little people help me. And why do they laugh when I talk about these people. Well she soon finds out after two days of riding the deer across daring cliffs. She comes face to face with the pompous ass from the bookstore. 

Not only is she forced to rely on these people to help her, she doesn't know one true thing about this place. She is completely out of her element here. The two moons sounds amazing to see. I defiantly closed my eyes at that part to see it. The sheer amount of sexual energy so far in the beginning of this book is enthralling. Like I don't know which way I want this to go. Lets see where this takes us.

It almost feels so magical with the place that they are in. The homeland. With a huge establishment and, in my opinion, the way the world should work with people helping one another for trade. And the carefree way this family seems to be is almost comical. But to me it seems like a mask for something. We shall see. back to it. 

Such an amazing turn of ups and downs. This pompous ass is that, a pompous ass. Hell he even had me believing that he had changed. sticking by her side and making sure she survived and was well. hell I thought maybe after 300 years he was tired of the same old same old. But you can't teach a dog new tricks (true story, taught my min-pin when she got older, when she was blind and could hardly hear, how to follow footsteps and recognize taps on the floor for direction for food, and potty time).

anyways.. so I am still on the fence with this guy. I can't tell if he is a pompous ass or not. I think maybe a little bit of both. So if he knew from the beginning that his one true love was going to be a girl, a long lost sister from a different realm, than maybe he was an adventurous man who didn't bother to introduce her to anyone because he knew she wasn't the one. So I can totally see him being a pompous ass. But after 300 years of being this way, he doesn't know how to react when his one true love is right in front of him. He now knows that she is the one and has changed, but his past is catching up to him. But lucky enough she thinks like me and realizes that she is his one true love because the prophecy has come true for both twin siblings.  And she realizes that he does truly love her and that they are made for each other. I will tell you, when at almost the end when they stopped the machine from working, and those people got sucked out and put back into their proper realm, I was hoping she was not going to be thrown back into the Earth realm. But she did. And I don't blame her family for thinking she was kidnapped and drugged. That would be one crazy story. And she was very smart to think to leave directions to her, but leaving that note. The bumblebee had to travel far to find the flower on the other side of the valley. 

Great book. Keep me engaged to the point to where I didn't want to put it down, and am going to read  the second book asap. 

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