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Mind: The Message by Jenn Nixon (Book 4)

MIND: The Message (The MIND Series Book 4) by [Nixon, Jenn]

A note from the author:

      This is BOOK 4 of the Series, but a standalone novel with an overreaching plot flowing into Books 5 & 6. You don’t NEED to read 1-3 as I’ve included a glossary at the end of Book 4 to help remind readers of all the characters and terms from the first three books. If you DO want to read the others, Book 1 is FREE in my ChatRoom/Street Team. Feel free to join and check the Files section:  JennsStreetTeam Facebook

Oh my my. What a book. I have been in surgery and sick for the past month and have been slacking. But hey, life happens, we move along and keep going. This book was awesome. The chemistry between our main character and our newest character (Casey) is almost alien. (I am bad at jokes. Deal with it) For me this book looks like it sets up for another amazing alien visit. The Message not only discusses some of the questions that I have had, but opens many more I know will be answered in the future. Although the author does say that you don't have to read the prior books, and that a glossary at the end is included for people who have not read books 1 - 3. I highly suggest reading at least book 3. just to kind of get a sense of a lot of the stuff that is a major group mental issue in book 4. But regardless if you do or don't, this book was great. The openness of some of the characters, the raw emotion that they show, gives it that down to earth feeling. I do hope in five that we get some answers that are brewing from he MIND crew.






You were warned, now what your eyes have seen, can not be unseen (sorry if you are eye impaired and are having this read out loud, no disrespect. side-note on that, my dad is blind in his right eye.)

OK I just love crazy alien visitors. But what makes them alien. Because they don't share the same DNA as the majority of the planet. Humans have always been so afraid of anything different since the beginning of time. it is almost ridiculous. And I am so glad that this villain happened to be the ones that take up most of the planet. I mean come on. if they have been here for ages (literally), wouldn't you think they would of already tried to take over the world than when humanity was at its weakest. Why wait for your enemy to build and go through so many evolutionary changes to just go ahead and kill them off than. that is stupid. I love that Jenn has but how idiotic the human race can be. And it is true I would say a good majority of the time. OK enough of this.

It is nice to see daddy-o (i call him this because he always seemed to have that vibe to me) get with someone. I believe out of all the characters so far, he deserves some happiness. the years he sacrificed to keep people safe and hide the truth from the government. and to see him trying to not go for a women of this own race!! I wonder if their species has a chemistry to attract the opposite sex because it seems they feed off one an others emotion while having sex, which would be awesome to feel that energy from my man while down and dirty.

And the Green shakes came up again. Adding agave to add sweetener. Love this natural sugar to be mentioned. got one ingredient that will be added to my list of what is inside this Power shake.

OK. down to the roots. I love the emotional/mental status checks with all the MIND crew. i mean think about it. You have been saving the world time and time again, found out you are from a different planet or have visitor DNA in your DNA, learning all new ways your visitor DNA is amplified and expanding beyond the norms. And meeting new challenges with different levels of crazy for a while. with real no down time. Gonna make a person, who has mainly believed they were a human, with the frailness of the human mind. that is a lot to take in. The group therapy that they are planning, i think will bring out some amazing stories from the "older" gentleman (they are visitors, do we still call them gentlemen). and the reason for this atrocious attitude, is because the humans, in this stories dimension, do what they usually do when they are afraid. they try to dissect and make it better no matter what the cost. what is scary the most is that there was someone behind scenes, that he Mr. General, didn't even know about. Even when that was his one task. Also, whats up with this secret message that may or may not of been sent. That earth is ripe for you and your children. What makes Earth so special. Is it like in superman where our red dwarf is special, or is it gaya (mother Earth) that make us special. that is what i am more worried about. who was that going to. when was is supposed to be sent. HOW THE HELL DID THOSE OTHER SHIPS THE MIND TEAM HAS, MISS THAT TRANSMISSIONS. i mean you should of already checked. just because long range is for-sure a no go. short wave should be OK. right. anyways. awesome book to open my mind with the possibilities of what is coming next. go get your copy and check out the book for your self, link at the top.

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