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Behind The Mask by C.E. Black ****AUDIOBOOK REVIEW****


Behind The Mask 

Kindle Edition, 155 pages
Published October 24th 2016 

 Behind the Mask is a story of Kassandra Darkmorré a born vampire.  Requiring blood to survive but still not wanting to take.  She has a strong passion to live with humanity and even one day possibly become one of them again instead of living an immortal nothing.  She never becomes close with anyone and works as a hospice nurse as well as a part time job at a blood bank (which allows her nourishment easily and non violent).  At that blood bank she meets Xavier Drago.  A mysterious man and another born vampire.  But also at the same time she comes into contact with Cyrus a witch who has dreams of being with her.  In many not so innocent ways.  He request she goes to Salem after he has a premonition of her saving everyone or causing their demise.  He though is drawn to her i

This story is well written for a short novel. I found it very interesting.  A born vampire who goes to visit Salem after a mysterious dream requesting her to go.  I love how the things work out in this novel.  Not only does she have that happen not even several hours before she meets a mysterious another born vampire.  Amazing how a love triangle becomes possible all within a very short time span after going decades alone.  
Kassandra's character I really enjoyed she is a strong character who dreams of being something she is not, a normal human.  She was there but away.  Until Xavier comes along and of course instant attraction.  I really enjoyed him.  Them to together had true chemistry.  Then we have Cyrus.  His character was alright.  His premonition of her was interesting to say the least and the instant attraction that always seems to happen in these books.  The live triangle although was there was very weak.  Not sure why they added it except maybe to build some suspense.  Overall though well written and I enjoyed.

I received a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest unbiased review.

Sarah Pukett did an ok job although being this was a 2 POV book between Cyrus and Kassandra it reallly would of been better had their been 2 narrators or at least have her use some other voice.  The first chapter with Cyrus I was so confused and it got all the way until the end of the chapter and he talked about his manhood that I realized oh this is a dude.  I really thought it was a female.  She is a great Kassandra just not so good Cyrus.


“What you desire most is achievable. You must accept the invitation when it’s presented.”

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