Tuesday, April 4, 2017

13 Reasons Why (TV Version) - Spoilers written inside

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*note i have not read the book so I do not know the difference in story details*

Wow. can we just sit and process all that.


For some of us, man does that take me back.

 For some of you, it is great memories of friends that you haven't seen in years. Maybe you looked them up on Facebook to see how they are now.

 While you were watching, did you think of anyone that fit the criteria for someone in school like that. That was always bullied, name shamed, picked on and down right harrassed?

 Some people can go through life and never experience any of these to a sever degree.

 For those like me, the less unfortunate, we got all those things and more. Most of us have learned to cope and have moved on. Some have made the choice to end their life. 

 ALL have struggled, some have not made it. We all have different stories of what has happened to us, mine, not so great in high school. 

This show hit real close to home for me. When I first saw it on Netflix, I really wasn't interested in watching it. But all my author friend and book clubs were posting about it, so I decided why not. Give it a whirl. And wow. Did it blow me away. I felt like I was back in high school.

At first I thought man, this girl is brave. She recorded everything about her life as if that recorder was her best friend. And in a way it was. It was the only thing there for her. NO ONE WAS. And the kids at school (which is still common now) were so horrible to her. Name shaming her and grabbing her all the time. Man, I would carry a mini bat on me. Just to knock some sense into the dumb ass jocks

This show walks through a high school girl who, has some real bad luck. And no one is there for her. She reaches out in the way she knows how. She explains how 13 people have ruined her life and helped make her decision to commit suicide in the bathtub. How words do hurt someone you may ask. When you are called slut and whore all day, even by people you don't really know, and everyone seems to be looking at you as if they know all our dark secrets. This girl explains on 7 tapes, one person per side, plus side 14 for the confessions, how her world ended. How she saw the world around her crumble from friends to family life all in a short period of time. She just couldn't take it anymore. And lovely done. This show is an emotional roller coaster that will make you scream at the TV. At least it did for me. My cohort here, Ashley, has read it and she should be posting a review about the differences.  

I think I will defiantly be having my 12 year old son watch this. I think all kids need to watch this. An episode a day, and write a small paper each day about what they learned from the episode. I think this show is Amazing so far. I fell for the characters and cried my eyes out at quite a few parts. No matter what your age, you need to watch this show. (except my fiance, he is not interested at all, which is fine, but if I have to go see the new Alien movie in May, This is on the list of making him watch) so yes. If you have a pre-teen or teenage child, I highly suggest that you watch it first and than make the decision for yourself, but our child should watch it.

So lets cut down to the two main topics that need to be addressed from this show:

1. Depression/suicide

2. Rape

With number 1. We all know about the signs. Most of us have all been depressed from time to time. But you may not understand why someone might go to the extreme of killing themselves when there is always hope. Well I am here to tell you, that idea that there us always someone there to help and that someone cares, when you are that depressed you can not process that. That someone actually cares. That someone might not judge you. When EVERYONE in your life has done that. From children to adults. You can not see that light at the end of the tunnel. Most people who are this depressed does not care enough about anything. You have to take that leap to help them. Talk to them. Make them talk. Notice their eyes when they talk. Do they look engaged or spaced.. I mean come on people, WAKE THE FUCK UP. I am sorry if I seem harsh. I have been in this position before. Written letters, but (obviously) never went through. I had a friend who finally noticed all the cuts on my arm (I was a shallow cutter in my teenage years). You never know just how important the little things are in life, how a little butterfly or a simple hug, can make the difference in the world. No one will ever understand when you finally break, because for us, its all different, we are all different but the same. Sometimes, just a little of people actually giving a fuck matters. 

With number 2.Well. I guess I can be honest and say that this has happened to me twice. My very first time actually having sex with a boy. From a guy I trusted (not a jock but still rich boy). NO one knew for years. I even had a boyfriend at the time. He was a great guy. I had to eventually break up with him because I thought everything was my fault. No one would believe me. My word vs his. I was a freshman he was a senior. I mean come one. Who do you think they will believe?? I was already a little depressed before this happened from losing a very close family member on Christmas day prior to this. I was a Freshman in high school and at a time in life when, for a girl at 15, is precious and very impressionable. This set off my depression worse and I made my life hell by not telling anyone. I was so embarrassed by this. I was shocked. Sometimes still am. I still freeze and space off and think what would of happened if i said something. The two different boys who did this to me have never been punished as far as I know. { I remember when some of my friends found out at a concert we were at. We were all in the lawn of the amphitheater and he walks up to my group. The second he walked up, I froze. Couldn't say anything. I knew he must of thought something was up because I  went stiff in my boyfriend at the times arms and my eyes went wild. When he quickly left the group, I told my boyfriend what happened. And let me tell you I have never seen someone run so fast to a 21+ area (we were minors and couldn't get in). } But regardless. Please, if someone rapes you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I AM HERE. CONTACT ME ON THIS BLOG, I WILL HELP YOU. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE. THERE ARE MORE OF US. WE CAN STAND AND HELP EACH OTHER. I know how hard it is. This happened to be over 15 years ago. 
Even now a days its hard for a LEGITIMATE rape victim. With so many girls saying they were rape and ending up recanting and saying it was a lie. How are women, like me, supposed to go forward when it happens?? We are ridiculed by society, our lives are ripped apart for the media and hungry vulture trolls to make it look like we deserved it because of what we choose to wear, choose to say, choose to like? How is this acceptable?? I know that some cities have done a fine job of addressing this problem. BUT it still is a WORLD problem. If you have never been forced to have sex against your will, you will never, NEVER understand how it feels. How when everyone looks at you, do they know? He told them that it was fun, and that i liked it.. that is a lie.. what can i do.. he is more popular then me., what should i do.... who will believe me.. and for me.. when it was my first time. I didn't know that you bleed and that it was going to be so sore. Sore could also be because of the roughness that ensued. This and much more goes through the mind of a rape victim. Weather it be a male or female. It can go both ways.