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Understudy by Cheyanne Young Audiobook Review



Kindle Edition, 3, 194 pages
Published February 14th 2014 by Cheyanne Young Books 
 Understudy is definitely an easy fun read.  This is one of those books that are full of predictable fun.  (The kind of book I read after having a really deep novel or story).  If you want depth this is not for you.  If you want unpredicatable again this one is not right.  But fun you got it.  

Story is basically girl meets bad boy.  Bad Boy and Girl have to work together.   Sparks fly.  The oh no moment.  Then do they get together.  Summed up in a little over a line.  But of course there is more.  

I found this story sweet how Wren and Derrick got together.  The teenage angst was in full gear throughout this fun book.  I just wish there was a little more suspense with them getting together.  (I know spoiler)  Plus how the adults acted was kind of odd.  Overall Ill give it an average 3.


As far as the performance goes I believe Stacey Glemboski was on point.  She had different voices for the characters and I could tell she was having fun while reading.  She made the story for me.  

"I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator, or publisher."

Behind The Mask by C.E. Black ****AUDIOBOOK REVIEW****


Behind The Mask 

Kindle Edition, 155 pages
Published October 24th 2016 

 Behind the Mask is a story of Kassandra Darkmorré a born vampire.  Requiring blood to survive but still not wanting to take.  She has a strong passion to live with humanity and even one day possibly become one of them again instead of living an immortal nothing.  She never becomes close with anyone and works as a hospice nurse as well as a part time job at a blood bank (which allows her nourishment easily and non violent).  At that blood bank she meets Xavier Drago.  A mysterious man and another born vampire.  But also at the same time she comes into contact with Cyrus a witch who has dreams of being with her.  In many not so innocent ways.  He request she goes to Salem after he has a premonition of her saving everyone or causing their demise.  He though is drawn to her i

This story is well written for a short novel. I found it very interesting.  A born vampire who goes to visit Salem after a mysterious dream requesting her to go.  I love how the things work out in this novel.  Not only does she have that happen not even several hours before she meets a mysterious another born vampire.  Amazing how a love triangle becomes possible all within a very short time span after going decades alone.  
Kassandra's character I really enjoyed she is a strong character who dreams of being something she is not, a normal human.  She was there but away.  Until Xavier comes along and of course instant attraction.  I really enjoyed him.  Them to together had true chemistry.  Then we have Cyrus.  His character was alright.  His premonition of her was interesting to say the least and the instant attraction that always seems to happen in these books.  The live triangle although was there was very weak.  Not sure why they added it except maybe to build some suspense.  Overall though well written and I enjoyed.

I received a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest unbiased review.

Sarah Pukett did an ok job although being this was a 2 POV book between Cyrus and Kassandra it reallly would of been better had their been 2 narrators or at least have her use some other voice.  The first chapter with Cyrus I was so confused and it got all the way until the end of the chapter and he talked about his manhood that I realized oh this is a dude.  I really thought it was a female.  She is a great Kassandra just not so good Cyrus.


“What you desire most is achievable. You must accept the invitation when it’s presented.”

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The Flame and the Arrow by: Emigh Cannaday

The Flame and the Arrow: Dark Fantasy Paranormal Romance (The Annika Brisby Series Book 1) by [Cannaday, Emigh]

Amazon link - Book 1 was free when this was posted

OK so I choose this book based on the cover. I may not like the way they look, but i like the positions, The chemistry, and the outline of their bodies. I base a lot of my choosing a book on its cover. If an author takes time to make it look great, than it is worth my time to read it over any others (sometimes, I DO have my favorite authors that get picked first, deal with it)

This book, I could not put it down. The details the author puts into to set the mood with just the surrounding areas, makes me envision it. The complex story was put in such a way that you were able to keep up with all characters stories. And never miss a beat. Sure we all have questions, but I have a feeling they will be answered in the following books. In a story that will take you from modern day, to an enchanted world of mystical and elusive creatures, and back to modern day. Tells a common tale in the most comical and interesting love stories. For a free book an Amazon (today when it was published it is, author/Amazon, has a right to change that at any point), it is worth the read to get away from the world for the day. 







my personal thoughts as I read the book:

So when you first meet our main lady, she is at a horrible time in her life. Needing to get a away, on a drunken stupor of a night, she emails, yes emails, her favorite uncle, who is in a different country. He calls her the next morning, and she is whisked away on the promise of, you cook for us, you can stay here for free. Well, I don't know about you but if my favorite uncle called me and said i will pay for you ticket to come here tomorrow and all you have to do is cook for my expedition team while we look for bugs, Ummm hell yes. sign me up. I cant cook much, but I will bring plenty of books to cook. 

On her last day left before she decides to end her extended holiday, she goes for a walk. And she finds the strange people she encountered the day before. And with a moth drawn to the flames, she follows them home. YES home. she is a long lost sister (her mother or grandmother was). She even has the birthmark to say it is true. And now she feels right at home!! Having to journey in the most particular ways, to fix her hurt ankle, to the elves. She is thinking, how can little people help me. And why do they laugh when I talk about these people. Well she soon finds out after two days of riding the deer across daring cliffs. She comes face to face with the pompous ass from the bookstore. 

Not only is she forced to rely on these people to help her, she doesn't know one true thing about this place. She is completely out of her element here. The two moons sounds amazing to see. I defiantly closed my eyes at that part to see it. The sheer amount of sexual energy so far in the beginning of this book is enthralling. Like I don't know which way I want this to go. Lets see where this takes us.

It almost feels so magical with the place that they are in. The homeland. With a huge establishment and, in my opinion, the way the world should work with people helping one another for trade. And the carefree way this family seems to be is almost comical. But to me it seems like a mask for something. We shall see. back to it. 

Such an amazing turn of ups and downs. This pompous ass is that, a pompous ass. Hell he even had me believing that he had changed. sticking by her side and making sure she survived and was well. hell I thought maybe after 300 years he was tired of the same old same old. But you can't teach a dog new tricks (true story, taught my min-pin when she got older, when she was blind and could hardly hear, how to follow footsteps and recognize taps on the floor for direction for food, and potty time).

anyways.. so I am still on the fence with this guy. I can't tell if he is a pompous ass or not. I think maybe a little bit of both. So if he knew from the beginning that his one true love was going to be a girl, a long lost sister from a different realm, than maybe he was an adventurous man who didn't bother to introduce her to anyone because he knew she wasn't the one. So I can totally see him being a pompous ass. But after 300 years of being this way, he doesn't know how to react when his one true love is right in front of him. He now knows that she is the one and has changed, but his past is catching up to him. But lucky enough she thinks like me and realizes that she is his one true love because the prophecy has come true for both twin siblings.  And she realizes that he does truly love her and that they are made for each other. I will tell you, when at almost the end when they stopped the machine from working, and those people got sucked out and put back into their proper realm, I was hoping she was not going to be thrown back into the Earth realm. But she did. And I don't blame her family for thinking she was kidnapped and drugged. That would be one crazy story. And she was very smart to think to leave directions to her, but leaving that note. The bumblebee had to travel far to find the flower on the other side of the valley. 

Great book. Keep me engaged to the point to where I didn't want to put it down, and am going to read  the second book asap. 

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Fooling Around with Cinderella AUDIOBOOK REVIEW


Fooling Around with Cinderella Audiobook 
4 out of 5 Monkeys


Fooling Around with Cinderella: Storybook Valley, Book 1

  • Written by: Stacy Juba
  • Paperback, 212 pages
    Published November 6th 2015 by Thunder Horse Press

So this story is definitely a fun super easy read.  I actually completed it in two days.  The story is about Jaine Anderson normal nerdy girl who after being laid off of her job applys for a position at Storybook Valley a dying amusement park kind of like Walt Disney Land.  Even though there really isn't a position.  There she meets Dylan Callahan the new General Manager who wants to bring life back into the family business.  He decides to create a new position but the budget is not there until around November but there is a position she can fill in right now for some pay and kind of do some marketing work part time but she has to play Cinderella.  
Jaine who does really need a job decides to take it for one season.  There she is thrown into all the drama of being a princess.  Plus having an attraction to her boss helps too.  
The story is very cute and very predictable.  You have the usual sterotypical characters.   Nerdy Girl turns hot and the Bad Boy turned Good Boy. The originality of the characters weren't great.  I wish there would be a little more with Jaine other then good girl who gets taken advantage of.  The twin sisters being not the evilest but not nice either.  Also even the villian is a old classmate .  It is typical.  Although as mentioned this is a fun read.  I do look forward if there are more storybook Valley books because they are perfect on my mind rest days.  (Usually this occurs when needing a quick pick me up or suffering from a major book hangover) .   Overall pretty good.  Despite the title I would say this is a very innocent YA. 
Other then the lack of originality of characters the other thing that disappointed me is the fact you never get anything from Dylan.  On most of these Fun Reads you at least get a final chapter with the other character and I really wish this had it.  I would love just one chapter in his mind.  I never really got the full base of him.  


The book was very clear and I could understand what they were saying.  Karen Commins was ok playing Jaine although at times I found myself wandering a little.  Sometimes that happens though.  

I did receive this audiobook free in exchange for an honest unbiased review. 

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13 Reasons Why - TV Show and Book Comparrisons - Spoilers Ahead-

---Be Warned Spoilers Ahead----

So I know this blog is mainly focussed on books but have to share my opinions somewhere and being that the show is based on the books figured why not.  I actually sat down and did a complete binge session in one weekend which I don't think has ever happened.  I could not tear my eyes away from the emotional rollercoaster that is "13 Reasons Why" .  I very rarely feel a show / movie does much justice to the book but this one went above and beyond.  Not only did they stick with the story beautifully they also added a ton more content to make it have the ability to renew.  So if it does next year will be all new.  I will admit I cried so much through this show and it was hard especially a few scenes but wow it was worth it.

Lets start with the main concepts of the book.  Since after all this is a book review site.  Showing some of the differences as part of the main plot. Non of these though hindered from the other points throughout the book .  Many changes did occur to make it a more complete shared story but these are my top 5 changes that I noticed right away. 

1.  She dies by bleeding out instead of overdosing.
This was a big change but I think it has to do with the overall story for the show.  Her parents own a Mom and Pop Pharmacy so it would add a whole lot of other issues legally for them and that would take away from the aspect of the story being played out mainly within the high school and students. You get some side story about the lawsuit but mainly it shows the effect the tapes do to them. (It is not pretty)
2. The time frame.   In the book it is done over one night instead while on the show it is done in about over a week time.  Allowing you to get more stories and also add more drama (I think this is to build up for another season)
3.  The show is much much more mature as far as details listed in the book .  I could see a 13 year old reading 13 reasons why but really not sure they would be able to watch the show because it has some disturbing things (drugs, rape, and the suicide are extremely graphic).  I think this is a book everyone should read but the show might want to wait until about 15 or so
4. Hannah and Clay's relationship.  In the books they had worked together one summer but never really talked.  Although Clay had a crush on her he never really said much to her until the party.  In the show though they were friends (She even gave him a nickname)
5. The Characters themselves have no differences in the book.  While on the show you get to really see the characters.  You have the same characters but for example Courtney in the books doesn't have much to her while in the show she is Asian and Gay (trying to hide it you find out in another change instead of the back massages you get a make out session)

In this show you can humanize the characters much better too.  Why they do what they do or did what they did.  I will be discussing characters and their acts with the reasons and how i really loved how it came together.  Not making Hannah out to be 100% innocent or the kids 100% to be blamed.

There is so much to summarize so I am just going to point out key points of the show that I loved and why I think it worked so well.


I loved how they brought the characters to life and didn't shy away from any aspect.  You didn't have just typical stereotypical kids.  You had everything.  White, Black, Asian, Filapino, etc.  Gay, Straight, different crowds,  everything.  Such a diverse group that really shows how America is.  It was an amazing idea so it can hit home with anyone.

An example is Justin Foley I always throught he was about the same as Bryce in the book rich, handsome, and powerful.  In the show though he isn't.  He lives with his mom who is poor and an addict along with at times her abusive boyfriend.    Not at all it gives him the right to do what he did but explains kind of how he felt that second with Bryce. Almost like he owed it to him (you have to think teenager who is kind of treated like a brother to a rich kid.)  You see how much it eats at him though and all the characters (except the worst of them all). 

You also see Alex how he was so excited to part of the popular crowd then realized he didn't really like them.  But in high school popularity is everything.  You don't want to sit with the unpopular crowd if you have a choice and you will dump your old friends (You say you won't but it happens).  I went to 4 high schools so I get it and was part of many cliches.  His character though throughout the show you really see the downward spiral again.

The Topics:


I am very fortunate to not have experienced this but have had several friends who did experience.  I will admit it is such a hard topic for anyone to discuss or see or really know unless it happens to you.  I know those feelings never go away.  It is also very hard to prove usually it is ones word vs the others (it can be guy or girl).  The way the show depicted it though was so hard.  I was in tears both times but I couldn't stop.  Because how the show shown it esp the scene with Hannah was so uncomfortable but watching it hopefully kids do realize it does happen and just because someone isn't fighting their more frozen doesn't make it any less rape.  I think just simply asking someone before things happen make sure they really do want it.  There is no question and that way you are not ruining someone.  The guidelines on rape are so vague too.  It kills me inside because even not having experienced but having friends who did it is a hard thing to even talk about.  I hope this brings more light and possibly more light on the topic so younger people know more about it.  Maybe not showing the whole shows in classrooms but there is a making of video that goes into more details.  It would better help teenagers know signs and let them talk.


This is the topic hardest for me to discuss.  Even writing this here on a blog that 99.9% of you do not know me is hard and the .1% that do a majority do not know this about me.  This is the topic that hits home to me.  Watching her deplete seeing signs might not always be so easy.  During the show especially at home she keeps a smile around her family but is becoming more recluse.  THE SIGNS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS EASILY TO SPOT ESPECIALLY IN MOODY TEENAGERS.  (You might see changes but in HS things are constantly changing).  Like I said had 4 high schools.  I changed every school.  Moving was super hard to me. The scene despite it being more graphic then the book (it was an overdose) just the visual was horrible.  They did not pull away.  The razor was gruesome to watch.  I forced myself to watch and cry as it played out.  I am not afraid to admit anymore I cut and a couple times pretty bad which ended me up in the hospital in high school.  I luckily had work and a guidance counselor to prove wrong.  Yes I had one of those guidance counselors who after I dropped out a year because of hospitalization and went back told me I would never graduate and it might be better to get my GED.  He put me down at the worst moment of my life when I was trying to get it together. Although at that same school there was a teacher that I said something to (maybe not as much detail (like giving names) just the fact I was in tears and said that I think it might be a better idea to drop out)  She brought me up at the same time and told me whatever doubts I had I was smart and could do it.  That man gave me willpower to prove wrong the world and the teacher gave me the willpower to keep going.  That is what kept me going but most people don't have a brain like me and really what he said was so horrible.   She was at that school and I stayed in touch with her for a couple years. Shortly later left that school but the day after graduation day I drove to that school went to that horrid guidance counselor and told him F*** You I did it.  Not my most mature moment but it felt good.  I also hugged that teacher who still I wish I could tell her what impact she made on me.  But Hannah didn't have that one teacher to help her.  She didn't have friends she felt she could talk to.  In the book Clay and her didn't even talk much and on the show he was having issues handling it. It is a lot for anyone to deal with.  Teenagers have so much going on in their head and not able to be processed. A simple thing can be an end of the world like not having someone to sit with at lunch.  As adults we can work at our desk and hide if we want.

In conclusion 13 reasons why is a complete emotional rollercoaster but a definite watch watch and read.  Now lets see if a season 2 comes about. 


13 Reasons Why (TV Version) - Spoilers written inside

Official webpage 

Netflix Link

*note i have not read the book so I do not know the difference in story details*

Wow. can we just sit and process all that.


For some of us, man does that take me back.

 For some of you, it is great memories of friends that you haven't seen in years. Maybe you looked them up on Facebook to see how they are now.

 While you were watching, did you think of anyone that fit the criteria for someone in school like that. That was always bullied, name shamed, picked on and down right harrassed?

 Some people can go through life and never experience any of these to a sever degree.

 For those like me, the less unfortunate, we got all those things and more. Most of us have learned to cope and have moved on. Some have made the choice to end their life. 

 ALL have struggled, some have not made it. We all have different stories of what has happened to us, mine, not so great in high school. 

This show hit real close to home for me. When I first saw it on Netflix, I really wasn't interested in watching it. But all my author friend and book clubs were posting about it, so I decided why not. Give it a whirl. And wow. Did it blow me away. I felt like I was back in high school.

At first I thought man, this girl is brave. She recorded everything about her life as if that recorder was her best friend. And in a way it was. It was the only thing there for her. NO ONE WAS. And the kids at school (which is still common now) were so horrible to her. Name shaming her and grabbing her all the time. Man, I would carry a mini bat on me. Just to knock some sense into the dumb ass jocks

This show walks through a high school girl who, has some real bad luck. And no one is there for her. She reaches out in the way she knows how. She explains how 13 people have ruined her life and helped make her decision to commit suicide in the bathtub. How words do hurt someone you may ask. When you are called slut and whore all day, even by people you don't really know, and everyone seems to be looking at you as if they know all our dark secrets. This girl explains on 7 tapes, one person per side, plus side 14 for the confessions, how her world ended. How she saw the world around her crumble from friends to family life all in a short period of time. She just couldn't take it anymore. And lovely done. This show is an emotional roller coaster that will make you scream at the TV. At least it did for me. My cohort here, Ashley, has read it and she should be posting a review about the differences.  

I think I will defiantly be having my 12 year old son watch this. I think all kids need to watch this. An episode a day, and write a small paper each day about what they learned from the episode. I think this show is Amazing so far. I fell for the characters and cried my eyes out at quite a few parts. No matter what your age, you need to watch this show. (except my fiance, he is not interested at all, which is fine, but if I have to go see the new Alien movie in May, This is on the list of making him watch) so yes. If you have a pre-teen or teenage child, I highly suggest that you watch it first and than make the decision for yourself, but our child should watch it.

So lets cut down to the two main topics that need to be addressed from this show:

1. Depression/suicide

2. Rape

With number 1. We all know about the signs. Most of us have all been depressed from time to time. But you may not understand why someone might go to the extreme of killing themselves when there is always hope. Well I am here to tell you, that idea that there us always someone there to help and that someone cares, when you are that depressed you can not process that. That someone actually cares. That someone might not judge you. When EVERYONE in your life has done that. From children to adults. You can not see that light at the end of the tunnel. Most people who are this depressed does not care enough about anything. You have to take that leap to help them. Talk to them. Make them talk. Notice their eyes when they talk. Do they look engaged or spaced.. I mean come on people, WAKE THE FUCK UP. I am sorry if I seem harsh. I have been in this position before. Written letters, but (obviously) never went through. I had a friend who finally noticed all the cuts on my arm (I was a shallow cutter in my teenage years). You never know just how important the little things are in life, how a little butterfly or a simple hug, can make the difference in the world. No one will ever understand when you finally break, because for us, its all different, we are all different but the same. Sometimes, just a little of people actually giving a fuck matters. 

With number 2.Well. I guess I can be honest and say that this has happened to me twice. My very first time actually having sex with a boy. From a guy I trusted (not a jock but still rich boy). NO one knew for years. I even had a boyfriend at the time. He was a great guy. I had to eventually break up with him because I thought everything was my fault. No one would believe me. My word vs his. I was a freshman he was a senior. I mean come one. Who do you think they will believe?? I was already a little depressed before this happened from losing a very close family member on Christmas day prior to this. I was a Freshman in high school and at a time in life when, for a girl at 15, is precious and very impressionable. This set off my depression worse and I made my life hell by not telling anyone. I was so embarrassed by this. I was shocked. Sometimes still am. I still freeze and space off and think what would of happened if i said something. The two different boys who did this to me have never been punished as far as I know. { I remember when some of my friends found out at a concert we were at. We were all in the lawn of the amphitheater and he walks up to my group. The second he walked up, I froze. Couldn't say anything. I knew he must of thought something was up because I  went stiff in my boyfriend at the times arms and my eyes went wild. When he quickly left the group, I told my boyfriend what happened. And let me tell you I have never seen someone run so fast to a 21+ area (we were minors and couldn't get in). } But regardless. Please, if someone rapes you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I AM HERE. CONTACT ME ON THIS BLOG, I WILL HELP YOU. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE. THERE ARE MORE OF US. WE CAN STAND AND HELP EACH OTHER. I know how hard it is. This happened to be over 15 years ago. 
Even now a days its hard for a LEGITIMATE rape victim. With so many girls saying they were rape and ending up recanting and saying it was a lie. How are women, like me, supposed to go forward when it happens?? We are ridiculed by society, our lives are ripped apart for the media and hungry vulture trolls to make it look like we deserved it because of what we choose to wear, choose to say, choose to like? How is this acceptable?? I know that some cities have done a fine job of addressing this problem. BUT it still is a WORLD problem. If you have never been forced to have sex against your will, you will never, NEVER understand how it feels. How when everyone looks at you, do they know? He told them that it was fun, and that i liked it.. that is a lie.. what can i do.. he is more popular then me., what should i do.... who will believe me.. and for me.. when it was my first time. I didn't know that you bleed and that it was going to be so sore. Sore could also be because of the roughness that ensued. This and much more goes through the mind of a rape victim. Weather it be a male or female. It can go both ways.