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They Call Me Alexandra Gastone (Alexandra Gastone #1) ****AUDIOBOOK REVIEW****




They Call Me Alexandra Gastone (Alexandra Gastone #1)


Published May 20th 2015 by Full Fathom Five Digital

Milena Rokva is a sleeper agent for a terrorist group who is replaced as a child with the real Alexandra Gastone to live with Alexandra's Grandpa Albert who works from the CIA until she will become active. She is expecting when she graduates college and starts working fort he CIA herself to pass along secrets. But then she is called early asked to kill someone and frame her grand father at a very important dinner.  She then is forced to chose her country or her grandpa and her feelings.

TA Maclagen was amazing and putting together such a deep character.  Milena / Alexandra is a very troubled character being taught to be a sleeper agent at such a young age shown to kill and then forced brutally to learn EVERYTHING about Alexandra, also endure plastic surgery to look even more like her but still keep her head above water.  I was amazed at how real it felt.  Maclagan must of really thought about the topic and researched because the information given really made me think how easy it would be.  (Know scary stuff)  She is the character that you root for and honestly love.  As I was listening to the story being played I could not stop.  This wasn't my usual YA book it was not paranormal, not a regular contemporary romance  (that was not what the story was about) , it was a thriller and it was amazing.  
For anyone wanting something different that keeps you on your toes and a complete rollercoster this is the book for you.   Cannot wait to pick up book 2.   

"I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator.

Audiobook :
5 out of 5 bananas

This book at first I was kind of iffy on the narrator Lesley Ann Fogle sounded so dry and non emotional  but as I had the story play out.  This is Milena Rokva she is confused, not herself but yet is herself, and not allowed to show emotions.  She is such a serious character and torn between 2 lives.  She lives in constant confusion and is trying to reign in feelings she is not allowed to have, but are slowing coming to surface.  She keeps with the character the whole time including changing thoughts.  (I know mini spoiler) The character grows so much in the course of this story and Lesley grows with it.  So awesome.  


"For the blood of the fallen. For the blood of the living. For Olissa we fight."  

“I'd played a part for so long, who was I? A spy? A granddaughter? A high school student? A friend? A liar? A traitor? I was all of these people, and the contradictions where starting to rip me apart"

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