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The End of Oz (Dorothy Must Die, #4) ****AUDIOBOOK REVIEW****

The End of Oz (Dorothy Must Die, #4)    

The End of Oz


  • Written by: Danielle Paige
  • Hardcover, 304 pages
    Published March 14th 2017 by HarperCollins
    This book I was really looking forward to especially after finding out Book 3 (which I must say was the weakest of all the series) was not the last.  So I am going to try to do this review as spoiler free as possible but it is really really really really hard since major plot points involve spoilers.  So lets start where it all begins which is right where book 3 ended Amy, Madison, and Knox were riding the yellow brick road which turns out to drop them in Ev the land of the Nome King.  There they must embark of the final mission to save Oz.  
    The first part of the book was lots of talking and lots of lovey dovey moments with Nox and Amy.  If you like the love portion of DMD you will love this one.  Then the last 20% is where all the action happens.  Also we get another special treat and I warn you this is a tiny spoiler that you find out in the book early on and can't do a review without revealing so if you want nothing turn back now.

    There is a second POV and it is Dorthy.  She is not dead and she is engaged to the Nome King now.  He wants her power. I do love her part.  It is fun seeing in her mind.  She is crazy but you get so much more.  She is a character that I could imagine Danielle Paige has been aching to write.  It was a slight surprise to see her but the book alternates between Amy and Dorthy which I really liked.  It lets you see all parts of what is happening so you are ready for the final show down.  

    Although the story had the good parts it though also had the bad.  Outside of the beginning being so slow there is also the issue with the conclusion.  As much as this book mind fudged me while reading the finale was anti climatic and kind of lame.  Sure cute but not what I expected when I started DMD several years ago.  I expected something big to happen instead of it was super smooth and happy.  I know we want HEA but this is DMD.   

  • Audiobook
  • Narrated by: Devon Sorvari
  • Length: 8 hrs and 9 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook

  • Release Date:03-14-17
  • Publisher: HarperAudio
Whomever picked Devon Sorvari to narrate  did an awesome job.  She has consistantly made Amy's journey real in my mind.  The way she separates characters (esp Dorthy vs Amy) is great I always know what character is talking and her voice is Amy.  She has a snarky sarcastic Amy down pat and the snobby crazy Dorthy perfect.  Plus even on the male side character voices like Nox I always know who each are.  I love it. 


"When I first met you and I saw you fight, I told you you had to change.  That you had to learn to be the knife.  But I was the one that needed to learn.  I never thought about myself.  I thought of the Order.  But I was the knife.  I was the fight.  You taught me how to love.  You taught me how to choose.  And I choose you.  Always."

"I had to charm his pants off.  (figuratively speaking! I would never sacrifice my precious chastity before marriage obviously)

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