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The Crown's Game (The Crown's Game #1) by Evelyn Skye 4.5 out of 5 monkeys

The Crown's Game by Evelyn Skye was an awesome surprise. It was not even on my TBR list I kind of came across it killing time until King's Cage comes out.  So thought why not and started listening.  Historical YA is hit or miss with me but this one really seemed to keep my interest just enough to see touches of that history along with the traces of magic.  

Although the start of the story is slow at times once the story takes off you do not want to put it down (or in my case take off the head phones).   Vika and Nikolai were born as enchanters an extremely rare occurrence and in there case also and unlucky once since there can only be one Emperial Enchanter so they get thrown into an ancient contest "The King's Game".  A battle to the death since only one enchanter can survive so they can garner their full potential.  Both are extremely strong so it is amazing to think about all the strength they will have.  

This contest is kicked off by the Tsar with the insistence of his cunning daughter Yuliana.  Although she is not in sign to be Tsar she acts as though she is.  Instead the argument is because their is unrest in Russia and the Tsesarevich Pasha would be lost if something happens to his and Yuliana's father.  He does not strong enough to get the job done if their father passes away.  So that leads to the Crown's Game.  The Tsar then meets with the enchanters and the theme is the Tsesarevich's birthday.  Pasha is never told about this but soon as in most stories he sees something with his best friend who happens to be Nikolai and makes him start researching (thinking almost mad)

The story then as in most young adult stories takes off with the love triangle (at least kind of but don't want to spoil anything).  This is why I threw in the .5 decrease I am not the biggest fan of love triangles which is hilarious because I love YA and it is the norm plus this one just at the moment doesn't fit.  I will share the spoiler of why at the end kind of as a side note.  
So as the game ensues loves of marvels occur to beautify the city while the enchanters are battling to death.  People are none the wiser to the occurrences thinking odd but throwing off to just that a strange occurrence no magic.   But Pasha sees it as other things at which he confides in Nikolai who does not share he is the other enchanter as well as him falling for Vika.  At the same moment Nikolai is as well.  

This is where I leave the summary portion because well it will contain to many spoilers and I hate giving spoilers away. 

My thoughts on the characters:

Vika Andreyeva -  She is fun, feisty, and real.  Even though she has magic elements her part of the story seems so real.  Her reactions to occurrences.  Her behaviors, everything.  I love her character development through this book she seems to stay consistent and true to how she is raised. The wild hair she has represents her for sure.

Nikolai Karimov his character is a little more extreme.  He is a true wild card through the story I at times wish we didn't have the part explaining what he is thinking as well because sometimes I think he would be good as a mystery but at the same time I would be disappointed too.  I know it is very contradicting but his behaviors are very important to the book and his characters I feel has just stayed the same throughout the entire book.  Not that he is a flat character just not really changing.  He is very loyal but doubts peoples intentions or judgements constantly but I believe this is due to how he was raised.

Pasha Romanov is the character I loved the most.  Although highly unrealistic in mannerisms his character is fun and enjoyable.  He though still lacks a lot of maturity.  He doesn't really seem to have the heart to rule but loves his people.  He likes to dress in disguise and walk among them as normal people.  He does grow through the story but without giving away to much something big happens but even at the end it still is there.

Finally onto the audio aspects.  I loved the narrator although not the best at voices he still had me entranced (could be the British Accent I'm a sucker for it) .  He did well changing it to Russian although characters he tried to make sound different at times came out the same.  

Overall awesome read and a recommendation for sure.  There are many characters I know I am leaving out and the friendships but want to keep it basic.    Hate I have to wait for the next one but not as bad as if I read at release date.


Final Note Spoiler below you will need to highlight to see.

 The biggest part I dislikes about the story is the love triangle mainly Pasha.  He says he is in love but really they have only shared a couple moments. At least can see instant reaction from Nikolai due to magic connection.  My biggest worry is we now know who Nikolai's date is the Tsar but do not know Vika's true dad.  I really hope it wasn't him too.  I doubt it because that is pretty gross for 2 brothers to be in love with you (romantically) and be in love with one (another reason I said kind of love triangle she shot down Pasha)

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