Friday, February 17, 2017

Sister of Shattering Glass: A story told via text-messages Kickstarter Campaign

So I signed up for this really interesting Kickstater

Sister of Shattering Glass: A story told via text-messages.



 Basically it is a Kickstarter that you buy a ticket and for about 5 months will receive text almost daily telling a story.  It is a very interesting concept so I could not pass it up.  I am going to kind of summarize thoughts weekly to share thoughts about how it is going and what not.  My biggest concern is the amount of text hopefully they won't be to distracting although it still is making me want to participate..

2/15-  The Kickstarter has officially  been funded...Got my verification text and I have the names saved in my phone they had given.   Supposed to start Friday. 

2/16 - In the story your character is the dad of Summer and Bird (sisters) You are an orinithologist and a college professor.  Both you and Summer and Bird's mother are seperated.  Recently both S&B learned there mother is actually a swan and queen of the birds.  So though the sisters look human they are part bird.  Summer lives part of the year with each parent.  But bird goes to a kind of boarding school ran by cranes, learning to become more like a bird.  

****Thoughts***The story isn't exactly what expecting but it is definitely a different concept.  Apparently there is already a book based on Summer and Bird.  We will see where this takes me.  Most likely will begin updating this one time a week after today just wanted to start with a preface and get everyone ready.  This is an ongoing post and at the end I will put a rating behind it.  This will not include spoilers just thoughts going forward and short tidbits.  This is a new concept so will have to see how the reviewing takes me.  Lets get ready to enjoy the show.  

2/28 - Not much to update.  I honestly am having trouble fully following the story.  Might pick up.  It also is confusing because I am getting text from different numbers that were not originally given.  Definitely would be nice to have all numbers before hand. 

 3/23- Still not much progress in the last month . The text are kind of confusing and don't really follow much of a pattern.  I kind of get the story but forget it just as quickly.   

4/20-Thinking this is not for me.  I will finish it up but the text are too sporadic and to much time.  It seems like a fun idea but really I have no idea what is going on.



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