Tuesday, February 28, 2017

OFFICIAL RELEASE GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hook's Little Mermaid by Suzanna Lynn

Official Release! Hear the story of Captain Hook from his own lips in this Audible version of "Hook's Little Mermaid."

“Hook wasn't always a villain. Discover what leads him on the path of destruction and how the love of a mermaid can change his heart.” ~ Hook's Little Mermaid

Captain James Hook was once a good man trying to make a somewhat honest living. He is a pirate, after all. However, after getting word that a boy named Peter Pan played a part in the death of a dear loved one, Hook makes it his sole purpose to hunt down and destroy the fiend.

On his journey for vengeance, the captain encounters many new comrades, including a young girl named Red and a fairy called Tinker Bell, and both push him to reconsider his desire for justice.

The accidental rescue of a mermaid leads him on a whirlwind adventure in Neverland. The journey is not a simple one, considering Pan, the Lost Boys, mermaids, and magic all come into play. After several misadventures, Hook must choose between the possibility of a new life with love and his much-desired retaliation against Pan.

Once everything is said and done, will the captain be able to overcome his need for revenge? Will he let compassion steer him toward love? Or will Captain Hook live up to his villainous reputation?

Hook's Little Mermaid is the back story of Captain Jameson Shaw who most of us know him as Captain Hook. It is an amazing mashup of two great classics Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. Suzanna Lynn did a flawless job of this. Meshing the stories so closely I could see them being in the same universe. The story takes you on Captain Jameson Shaw's quest to avenge his sons death caused by Pan. Yes Peter Pan!!!. Yes Captain Hook had a son!!! So if that doesn't interest you as much you also get the added bonus of the other part of the story and that is the Mermaids (as in the princess and sea witch) although they do not go by Arial and Ursula. I can honestly say this book was one of the best mash ups I have read in awhile. I love having classic story tales go in other directions but still follow some consistencies of the original story. (Captain Hook and Peter Pan Hated each other for example). Also their is a slight touch of romance . This story takes place completely in Captain Hook's POV which was really cool. Seeing he is a filthy pirate but also so much more. I have a little crush on his character now. Full of twist and turns and non stop roller coaster. Then the ending all I can say is wow and it definitely gave an awesome lead in to the next story and adventure for Captain Hook.

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