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Mind: The Emergence by Jenn Nixon (book 3)

MIND: The Reckoning (The MIND Series Book 3) by [Nixon, Jenn]

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Sorry for the late response here to this awesome book. I had a friend die, next day my uncle died, than my finace got his car side swipped and the other driver drove off, than on the street right next to me a kid got shot and killed in a drive by. I live out in the country. Not a common thing. So yeah, been slacking. 

But yes, I will tell you that I stopped reading this book at a great moment. When I started to read again, the book exploded with everything and I couldn't put it down. (damn dishes need to be done) The amazing author, Jenn Nixon, hooked line and sinkered me. The Emergence is a book that defidently going on one of my favorite books list for sure. The character development of Lexi in this book is complex as it is simple and easy. The "fight" scenes make logical since, which in Scifi and Fantasy books, that isn't always how it works. 

The team work and character development for all of them is also something that is explored in this book. Jenn does a great job of bringing all the facts together to answer burning questions, but opening it up for more lingering questions in the end, like what is in the green shake. 

the next book in the series is launching in a few short days. I can not wait to share with you what i think of book 4 on release day!! be on the look for it here!!

Onto the 





Ok. So at first i thought it was a little slow for me, but i was also going through a lot of stress and couldn't really put my self down to read and get lost in a book. Leading up to Lexi training she went to with Dina in the wood when she first contacted the silver eyed dude, his name is complicated to spell, it was dull for me personailly. Just for the fact that I wanted answers, but that is also when my uncle was dying in the hospital and didn't know why, so I lost intrest in the book. But like i said before, best time to stop. After she had her first time stop run in, with this misguilded hate filed relative, the book exploded with answers.

Jenn explains in the book how the Every Mind, his name has a complicated spelling too, somewhat kinda cause this who thing. But it was a time when they were slaves, and he was following orders. And since he was free, he had been good. But the Silver Eye dude was pissed he blew up his favorite planet and wanted to do a recening to that he could destroy his planet for revenge. And through out many years of skillful battle, took two god-like beings to stop him. Pretty long and drown out plan and great story if you ask me so far.

I was glad i was right about Bates not being a block but is ultimately an essential part to the stake of the planet. I was fearing his character wouldn't get a chance to become more main stream for a couple more books.

So I wanna touch on this brand new AI system that they have, down below at the bottom is what i thought of it after i started to read this again. its pretty funny. anyways, I hope to see them take this AI system a little further in the next books. With alien tech having unlimited imagionalable posibbilities, I hope she has this AI do some cool stuff in the future. I especially like how she keeps changing her hair, the voice should change how I said below. I think it would bring the humor up a few notches here and there through out the book when needed.

the next book in the series is launching in a few short days. I can not wait to share with you what i think of book 4 on release day!! be on the look for it here!!

thoughts as i go along:

So this story rotates around Bates and Lexa. Sweet sweet Bates. In this book looks like were gonna know about Lexa powers. to me seems like the most powerful and most wanted to me. we shall see

she can transport on a blink of an eye. she doesn't seem to to teleport like the others, just a simple transfer of location. the Eversphere place seems to be special just to here, so has to be special to the enhancers. and guy in stasis must be her kind!!! OK, what are the Enhancers, a race created as Planetary scouts, since their bodies can adapt to any atmosphere. To see if they could terraform the new planet for their creators needs. The Sarpians race seem to create them, but they got all the planets they wanted finally. When they were done with the enhancers they destroyed them or were used for war to conquer planets. The longer they are alive the more powerful they become. Never aging, never ending. Some Enhancers have turned to the dark side and created chaos among the stars for centuries. And now there are 5 left. 5! one is Lexa, one is the guy in stasis, and one is the bad guy with silver eyes and silver body. 2 others undetermined. She has to find Rivia to get answers.

Bates "blocks" out her ability. I don't know if I agree with that right now. I think it might help bring her to focus. We shall see as the book goes along.

So the eversphere was created by the Enhancers to stay in contact across Galaxies. But she can't cipher the information from, lets call him Steve, in all the images he has sent her to find Rivia. and the speech seems to knock her out.

Aime, the superdoper computer, is so awesome. I love how she changes her hair and they have given her a possibily of having a personality since it once was (as I would call it) living. With complete access to the earths computers, I wonder if she will imatate some famous people voices. I would totally have her do Morgan Freeman voice for a calming morning. Sean Connery voice when talking about bad guys (that would be most of the time). And need an annoying voice, Fran Dresser (I love her voice, some find it annoying, I find it unique). oh yeah. the possiblities are endless. Back to reading about digging through ice.

*Do you know mine? Imagine training the first twenty years of your life to survive in any environment, simply to help find new planets for your masters to transform for power and control. Imagine those masters turn on you, force you to use your abilities to wipe out a small, insignificant tribe of people who’ve only learned the concept of fire.

Nixon, Jenn. MIND: The Reckoning (The MIND Series Book 3) (Kindle Locations 2573-2575). Vamptasy Publishing. Kindle Edition.

** that line sequence there makes me want to read a book about this guy. read about the millions and millions things that he has seen, experienced, lived for.

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