Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mind: The Emergence (book 2)

4/5 Flying Flaming Weasels 

Sorry guys that it has been a couple of days. My kids and I have been sick with that stupid notorvirus going around. I am also trying to plan my wedding in October. But I buckled this down and gladly finished this book. 

And OMG what a book. I have more questions, which I know will be answered once I read on to the third book. 

The character development for he two new lovely girls was amazing. Lexa and Kim are two additions that this series, literally, couldn't do without. I love how Lexa was on the fence with all this crazy alien stuff at first. How she, pretty much didn't want to accept anything of the alien stuff. Kim's development from her memory "loss" was astonishing. When they finally catch up with with dear old dad, you maybe amazed how much back story is missed, but seems like a lot will be explained in the next book ( I will let you know). When the battle to stop the mighty bad guys happens, sometimes, not is all as it seems, and you have to trust your instincts on what to do. Lexa, the enchanter, is going to have some major character development towards the end of this book, but not doing to ruin the ending for you. Read it your self. Hehe. JK. Because you have to go read the book now, to continue reading will only get you spoilers and hey, that's not fair. Go read the book and tell me what you think. 

thanks for reading my review and hope you enjoy the books as much as I did!!







So we meet Kim and Lexa as main characters in this book. Kim is a native american, in charge of keeping a family alien artifact safe. I like that her power she knew growing up is memory. That is why she is the keeper of songs. She is the only one that can use this alien artifact. Her best friend Lexa, although they grow up together, is not of this planet for sure. She is a technopath. Awesome ability, especially with all the information that is out there online. They were living as average young adults until shit hits the fan and the bad guys remove some memories from Kim that can activate the alien artifact. She finally meets the guys after Lexa pretty much provokes them. 

I like how Lexa is on the fence with all that is happening to them. I understand why Kim is trusting of our group here, because she was told that Lexa and her were special from the beginning. I like how when they are all together, her memories and all their powers manifest. It shows that they people you have around really do make a difference. 

Once they realize that the shared precog dream they had, maybe real, and they realize that bad guys now have a precog in their grasp. The team must go to rescue Dina and Duncan's father before he is killed. What they didn't know was that, the bad guys all have a destruction chip embedded into the back of their skulls. This chip does many things; limits abilities, can be made to blow up, ect.  So now they have figured out that their dad was basically held prisoner for the past 14 years. And not all the bad guys are bad. Some, like their father, was forced to act and do things or DIE!!!! I am glad to see some of the "bad" guy are now helping the team.

 And they now have more information on who is "visiting" this planet. Since the alien artifact is sadly destroyed, it totally needed to be destroyed just wish now because it sound really cool, the team must now focus on healing. They have killed two bad guys, got one locked up, are reuniting with old friends, and have Lexa in a weird coma. And the only person that can help her is missing. 

Sounds like the next book, hopefully, we get to meet the the girl that is pertecting someone here on Earth, and it sounds like this person is pretty important if the bad guys want to find them, and a secert group is the only ones that know they are here on Earth. 

Also sounds like they will have to come out of hidding with all those spears blowing up in three cities ( New St. Louis, I live near STL, in a subburb. Weird ). And we all know how humans liek to freak out over something new and different. And how we like to react. I can't wait to start the next book soon.

 For the time being I might switch up authors for my next review. But than again maybe not. I'm so indesisive. lol. 

below are my notes while reading the book. I like to do this when it takes me a couple of sick days to read so I don't forget anything. I have read a lot of books and they tend to blend together. 

thanks for reading all my writing and see you guys in the next couple if days. 


so far:
character development great, goes back and explains the feelings that i missed from the first book with Dina. i like how they struggle on their own to figure everything out and you don't know for sure if it is their dad sending hidden messages in Dina's dreams. could be anyone. 

i really like how one person, Lexa, seems like she is completely freaking out.

 i also like how Liam's mega computer doesn't have all the answers. That is gives you just enough to go off of to make a conclusion, and try to piece it together yourself (even as a reader) and see where it goes. 

so bad guys are amassing an army. and have a precog now. hum-mm. i wondering if they are all related. not just the twins and their dad being related. i mean, each person has someone on the bad side is related to everyone on the good side. except the two new girls. we know they are alone.

Duncan's old boss knew all along about this and there is some weird messed up stuff going on that seems a precog has seen before. and interesting enough that the general said, “It has started, I’m afraid. The emergence of those with abilities. Originally this happens several years from now, though…differently.”

           - Originally this happens several years from now though, differently... it makes me wonder how many times this has happened. if they have traveled back in time to help change things at given times. this sentence has really spiked my interested in this series. 

what is in that green shake they all keep drinking that Liam always has on hand.. I know in the first book Dina never asked what was in it, now I am curious. Is it an Earth natural remedy or it is alien in nature?? hum-mm... 

An alien bad guy ship crash landed in Alaska!!!! AHHHHH. That doesn't sound good. They really do need to get to that ship in the Grand Canyon to get those records to see who all is here to add it to Liam's records. Than they would know who they are up against, not just not, but in the long run. 

They are looking for two important people on the planet. One that their father us working for, an the one that person is protecting. It almost sounds like it is someone the twins know. Because their father refuses to say the name. 

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