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Hook's Little Mermaid (The Untold Stories) **Audiobook** Written by: Suzanna Lynn


Hook's Little Mermaid (The Untold Stories)

 5 out of 5 Monkeys
    • Paperback, 260 pages
    • Published March 23rd 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Hook's Little Mermaid is the back story of Captain Jameson Shaw who most of us know him as Captain Hook.  It is an amazing mashup of two great classics Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid.  Suzanna Lynn did a flawless job of this.  Meshing the stories so closely I could see them being in the same universe.
The story takes you on Captain Jameson Shaw's quest to avenge his sons death caused by Pan. Yes Peter Pan!!!. Yes Captain Hook had a son!!!  So if that doesn't interest you as much you also get the added bonus of the other part of the story and that is the Mermaids (as in the princess and sea witch)  although they do not go by Arial and Ursula.
I can honestly say this book was one of the best mash ups I have read in awhile.  I love having classic story tales go in other directions but still follow some consistencies of the original story.  (Captain Hook and Peter Pan Hated each other for example).  Also their is a slight touch of romance .
This story takes place completely in Captain Hook's POV which was really cool.  Seeing he is a filthy pirate but also so much more.  I have a little crush on his character now.  Full of twist and turns and non stop roller coaster. Then the ending all I can say is wow and it definitely gave an awesome lead in to the next story and adventure for Captain Hook.

Thank you so much Suzanna Lynn for a copy of the audio book.  It was amazing and I look forward to reading / listening to more books by you.

5 out of 5 Bananas 
So when rating an audio book I look at 3 factors 1. Does it sound ok (you would think it wouldn't be an issue but you would be surprised) 2. Does the narrator make you feel part of the story 3.  When someone is doing a POV portion does the voice fit the person.   This book beat my highest expectations.  James Darcy did an amazing job of making me feel like he is actually Captain Jameson Shaw and he is telling me this story.  I felt personally invested in everything he did.  He is part of why I swoon a little thinking of him.  Darcy could not be more perfect.  He had me no entranced I could not turn it off.  Not only that but he did amazing work differentiating the side characters..  I am not sure I would of enjoyed the story as much with a different narrator.

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