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Cauldron Bubble *Audiobook* By Wendy Knight 3.5 out of 5 monkeys


Cauldron Bubble (Toil & Trouble #1)

(Fluffy and Light Hearted Read Scale)

Cauldron Bubble is fun and a super easy read.  It is about 2 twin sisters who happen to be witches.  Potion Witches to be exact.    They live with there exiled mother and have nothing to do with the witch world except when their aunt comes and visits and takes their potions to assist with the cause.  Their Aunt never shares how she gets them to avoid the coven to figure out where their mother is.  
The story starts out with them getting kicked out of another school because they are making love potions.  Although most people do not believe that magic is real it still causes an issue and causes expulsion so they end up at another school.   That is how they end up Senior year at a new school where Destiny meets Quinn (a son of a warrior witch).  She is an expert at Chemistry even better then him which causes him to be jealous.  Slowly loathing and attraction ensue.  
After an attack and Quinn's mother gets injured by the warlocks Destiny gives him a potion to give to his mother that heals her.  This is when Quinn's mom starts thinking they are witches although it is strange because potion witches are extinct only warrior witches remain.  (this is the cut off point to avoid spoilers)

Thoughts (this review is based on a fun light hearted read scale)

Going into this book I am not going to lie I was expecting more on the realm of Vampire Academy instead it is more on the fluffy fun reads that consist of YA Contemporary.   Even with the paranormal feel it just never could get past fluffy.  So if you are wanting something more then this book is not for you.  I would say this book is very PG rated so would be great for Middle Schoolers or Early High School.

One thing I do love about Wendy Knight's characters, she knows how to have fun with them.  She isn't afraid for them to be human (sort of speak) and have flaws.  Also to let them embarrass themselves.  Whether it be Faith smoking up the Chem lab or Destiny falling on her face.  I also really enjoy the fact that she didn't make Quinn have magic because males cannot be witches  (although I worry that might change in Book 2)

Although this book is about the twins it follows Destiny and Quinn.  Their chemistry is great.  I love how they bicker and how Quinn obsesses like a 14 year old girl about Destiny.  Her character is less obvious especially since she really doesn't believe in love.  The dynamic between those 2 is great.
Another good dynamic is the fact that families are all so close.  It is great to see in a YA novel.  Usually you see discord in the family although you have the Aunt no one likes we don't have abusive family, drugs, or so other kind of major issue.

The next book I am hoping has a little more depth though.  Also hoping for a different perspective hopefully Faith and Damian (Faith's Boyfriend).

Overall:  If you want something deep this is not it.  But if you want something very super light this is it.   I do love Wendy Knight and her books and look forward to reading the second one in this series.

Audio Thoughts:  I had never listened to Lori Prince so was going in blind and for the most part was not disappointed.  She kept up with the flow of the characters and made sure each character had their own voice.  Although  I sometimes had trouble following her and destiny but that also might of been the writing.  Overall Lori's voice in comforting and keeps up with the feel of the story.

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