Tuesday, January 31, 2017

MIND: The Beginning by Jenn Nixon

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So the first part of my review won't give away any spoilers, tells you the generics and than below will be where it gets fun.

3.9 Flying Flaming Weasels out of 5

OK, so it took me a few to get into the book. Since I knew ahead of time, that there was at least three book in the series out and a fourth releasing soon (which I believe the author is going to be awesome and post some stuff here for people!!!). I knew that this book was going to be the set up book. I like how the booked flowed from the beginning til the end. Once the book hooked and lined me, I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed the character development, and everything (for the most part) was answered. Was written very nicely. And defiantly want to read the next book and probably will read the next just to see where the author will take this.

So little synopsis:

Twins who knew they are different learn just how different they really are. With balls of fire, learning to cope through varies of mind blowing situations, and the ever amazing love story; you will learn of how many different people get together to accomplish, what seems like a simple task, in the blink on eye. Follow the unit from DHS, as they are thrown together, learn that family is much more than it seems. Can they save the life of one of their own or will the Star shine bright and bring what only myths have foretold?

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YIR (yours in reading)

OK so if you don't want any spoilers don't read on






So down to the nitty and gritty of the book. So I know the book was going to be a set up for the coming up books so I knew it was going to be slow, but OH MY. There are parts that you can skip and be perfectly fine. When she first learns that she is part of the alien race, same as the one she is sparkling for, and that her half human genes have made her into a freak. No one knows what is going to happen with their powers. That is the most concerning to me. I like the option to use my imagination on what they can do, but is there a limit. I like to have somewhat of a cap on how far it goes, or my mind goes to the anime Bleach (which I haven't finished but have been told it gets ridiculous and be glad I stop watching). So that I didn't like. What else irks me is the calmness of the main character. I like how she holds it together and wants to believe that that is how someone would react, just seems a little forced.

When you first meet our heroine, she is chaotic, a gypsy of sorts. And when she wants to run like always, but wants to over come the fear, understandable. But her over use of emotions in the beginning to like just skipping any human reaction to having deal with learning you are a hybrid alien and no one knows the extent of your powers to having to constantly fight and run, and have amazing wild sex. AND GO, GO, GO.. seems like there has to be a down switch to me. An overload switch. Maybe in the next books we will learn on with my questions.

But Jenn Nixon has made it all possible without leaving to me, to many stones unturned in the first book. I want to read the second one now, and might for my next book, seeing as I know if same amount of pages, can get it read in less than 8 hours. Lets see if I can.

thank you for reading my long post. Have you read this book, tell me what you think in the comments.



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    1. Thank you!! We look forward to Mind book four in the beginning of March!!