Friday, January 27, 2017


          Maggie here. How is everyone? This is a new site to me, and can't wait to get started. The first book that I will be reviewing will be Mind, The Beginning by Jenn Nixon. I will be back hopefully tomorrow with the review for her book. I read all types of books, so look out. If you want me to review a certain book, please leave a comment. While I can't promise that I will be able to fit it in, I will try my best too. I love reading all types of books.

          What got me started, you may ask, honestly when I was a senor in high school. I was an office runner and was walking around bored, and found the first Harry Potter book sitting on top the recycling bin in the cafeteria. When no one claimed it, it was all mine. Decided to give it a try, since I was bored, and fell in love. I hated reading before that. Now I can't seem to but books down. What about you? What book did you fall for that has soared your reading into the clouds? Let me know in the comments. Okay I think this is where I say goodbye for now, so I can go finish my book and come back and tell you about it.
Thanks a Million.

p.s. I like color :)

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