Friday, January 27, 2017

A Million Hellos

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Hi Everyone!!!! Welcome to the amazing wonderful Novel Nerd Reviews. This is a new site me and a couple friends are putting together to share our love of reading and get the chance to interact with different people. So lets start by telling you a bit about myself. I am from St Louis, MO I am an Analyst by day and a huge nerd by night. My love of reading started a long time ago in a kingdom far away called Middle School. It was an escape for things and it has carried me through forever more. I know pretty boring but it is the truth. An awesome perk to my job is the fact I can listen to audio books so a lot of my reviews will have some mention of audio book quality (not all but a lot). It keeps my job fun and makes me enjoy coming to work each day. Mainly I read YA just because I find them fun and easy to follow and not much into "Adult" books. I had an experience where I was listening to an audio book and they started going at it and right on cue my boss comes up and ask me question. It was awkward and even though they didn't know I swore never again. Some of my favorite series are Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The Hollows, and The Night Angel Trilogy. When not basking in the greatness of books and not working I love to talk nerdy in the chats. I am big into geekdom (TMNT are the best) so you can see me enjoying that awesomeness. I also love spending time with my family. So Welcome!! Enjoy!!! and It is going to be interesting.

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