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Gemina Audiobook / Book The Illuminae Files 2 by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Can't even give 5 out of 5 it is even better

Ok there is one thing I have to say about this AMAZING!!!!!!. This one follows another couple Hannah and Nik and omg do I love them. I didn't know much could give Ezra and Kady a run for their money as such awesome characters. I am truly fangirling here. Not only that but on Audio it is phenominal. I can say if you are unsure of audio but maybe want to give it a try go to Illuminae and Gemina. Both are fully cast and you feel like you are really there. Very few audio books keep me as entranced as that. Not only that but the books are amazing as well. (I had to buy a copy as well) So onto the actual review. Where to start. This one is definitely more adult (not sexually but language although all is blocked out some people will feel that way so have to point it out) Nik is a big bad thug while Hanna is the captains daughter. He is also her drug dealer. Gemina takes place about the same time as Illuminae just on a different ship. Instead of zombies and a killer AI system we instead have a virus, killer alien things, and hijackers. It is different but yet you still have the same feel as you did with Illuminae(plus the book is written in the same format which I love). This book starts out for about the first 30 min of the audio (about 50 pages I would estimate) but then it goes crazy and nonstop with a ton of twist and turns. I am trying to keep a spoiler free review so at times I might just stop. (as mentioned still fangirling). Hanna is the captains daughter who is dating one of captains officers who watches security cameras (super hot Jackson) . Nik though loves to flirt with her and really actually wants to be with her and they even have a great moment of meeting where she almost breaks his arm. It then goes into where he is convinced to let thugs in and then all hell breaks lose. In a rush these people are taking over the ship and kills lots of people. Hanna in the rush is with Nik who was selling her drugs (he left the meeting point) Then it goes to running for their life. As they work to escape they are separated and have to survive. With Nik's computer genius cousin it becomes a non stop run for your life. Then comes the killer alien things all icky slime. They like to eat brains (kind of a zombie thing) The sense brain waves to attack. After all this there are more and more surprises.

So anyways overall awesome book and my review kind of stinks because I do not want t igive anything away. But if you want an experience listen to this audiobook and then follow up with the book (or vice versa) you will not be disappointed. I cannot wait for the 3rd book now.

Roseblood by AG Howard 5 out of 5 Monkeys



Roseblood by AG Howard takes you into the world of Phantom of the Opera again with an amazing  new telling of the infamous Phantom.
It starts with Rune being sent to Roseblood a prestigious school in France.  This school is super competitive and very hard to get into.  It is also rumored to be the place that the original Phantom had lived all those years ago and the story was wrote about (There are lots of references to the Phantom of the Opera by Pierre Lafitte this is not the same story if anything more of a continuation).  Rune is a musical prodigy at least that is what it seems on the outside but not the same on the inside.  She hates singing and when she hears a song (not all songs but ones that speak to her mainly opera) she has to sing it or it makes her physically sick.  People get mesmerized by her voice.
Her character is very hard to pinpoint throughout the book she grows  so much.  At times I want to smack her other times I just want to hug her.  She is fighting her demons some she does not even know about.  She is a unique character and has many traits that can be relate able but at the same time has the tortured soul persona  . 

Then there is Thorn I have to  tread very lightly with his character to avoid spoilers but will say his character fits with AG Howard writing style.  He is a mystery and he is tortured but he also has book boyfriend traits.  His character is deep to say the least.  I can honestly say he was not what I 100% what I expected.  ----Stopping here to avoid spoilers)

The supporting characters are fun and insightful you have all the classic cliche characters you would expect from a prestigious school.  The prima dona , the scholarship student, the conflicting twins , etc. She does have other friends as well but really they are more just kind of background.  I am thinking the names sound kind of familiar as well as some back story but can't place or maybe I feel there should be one that hasn't been published yet.  Her friends at the school were fast friends and although some of the characters I didn't personally like doesn't mean they don't fit.  

The story is full of huge twist and turns and some shocks (Yes I said shocks).  So if you like Splintered check this out. 

AG Howard has a way to continue classic stories and make them her own.  Splintered was amazing and this one to me was too. Her books though seem to either be love or hated.  For me I love her writing style.  It is amazing and I hold on to every word.  If you love Splintered you will love this.

On to the audio book portion:

Rebecca Gibel is an amazing narrator she really gets you into the characters.  She has unique voices for each character so easy to discern who is speaking.  Her voice flows well with the characters.   She also is clear and pleasant.  I loved the way she narrated Splintered as well. 

MIND: The Beginning by Jenn Nixon

Good Early Evening, 

So the first part of my review won't give away any spoilers, tells you the generics and than below will be where it gets fun.

3.9 Flying Flaming Weasels out of 5

OK, so it took me a few to get into the book. Since I knew ahead of time, that there was at least three book in the series out and a fourth releasing soon (which I believe the author is going to be awesome and post some stuff here for people!!!). I knew that this book was going to be the set up book. I like how the booked flowed from the beginning til the end. Once the book hooked and lined me, I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed the character development, and everything (for the most part) was answered. Was written very nicely. And defiantly want to read the next book and probably will read the next just to see where the author will take this.

So little synopsis:

Twins who knew they are different learn just how different they really are. With balls of fire, learning to cope through varies of mind blowing situations, and the ever amazing love story; you will learn of how many different people get together to accomplish, what seems like a simple task, in the blink on eye. Follow the unit from DHS, as they are thrown together, learn that family is much more than it seems. Can they save the life of one of their own or will the Star shine bright and bring what only myths have foretold?

Thank you for reading this blog, come back if you read it, read the rest of this and let me know what you think in the comments.

YIR (yours in reading)

OK so if you don't want any spoilers don't read on






So down to the nitty and gritty of the book. So I know the book was going to be a set up for the coming up books so I knew it was going to be slow, but OH MY. There are parts that you can skip and be perfectly fine. When she first learns that she is part of the alien race, same as the one she is sparkling for, and that her half human genes have made her into a freak. No one knows what is going to happen with their powers. That is the most concerning to me. I like the option to use my imagination on what they can do, but is there a limit. I like to have somewhat of a cap on how far it goes, or my mind goes to the anime Bleach (which I haven't finished but have been told it gets ridiculous and be glad I stop watching). So that I didn't like. What else irks me is the calmness of the main character. I like how she holds it together and wants to believe that that is how someone would react, just seems a little forced.

When you first meet our heroine, she is chaotic, a gypsy of sorts. And when she wants to run like always, but wants to over come the fear, understandable. But her over use of emotions in the beginning to like just skipping any human reaction to having deal with learning you are a hybrid alien and no one knows the extent of your powers to having to constantly fight and run, and have amazing wild sex. AND GO, GO, GO.. seems like there has to be a down switch to me. An overload switch. Maybe in the next books we will learn on with my questions.

But Jenn Nixon has made it all possible without leaving to me, to many stones unturned in the first book. I want to read the second one now, and might for my next book, seeing as I know if same amount of pages, can get it read in less than 8 hours. Lets see if I can.

thank you for reading my long post. Have you read this book, tell me what you think in the comments.


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A Million Hellos

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Hi Everyone!!!! Welcome to the amazing wonderful Novel Nerd Reviews. This is a new site me and a couple friends are putting together to share our love of reading and get the chance to interact with different people. So lets start by telling you a bit about myself. I am from St Louis, MO I am an Analyst by day and a huge nerd by night. My love of reading started a long time ago in a kingdom far away called Middle School. It was an escape for things and it has carried me through forever more. I know pretty boring but it is the truth. An awesome perk to my job is the fact I can listen to audio books so a lot of my reviews will have some mention of audio book quality (not all but a lot). It keeps my job fun and makes me enjoy coming to work each day. Mainly I read YA just because I find them fun and easy to follow and not much into "Adult" books. I had an experience where I was listening to an audio book and they started going at it and right on cue my boss comes up and ask me question. It was awkward and even though they didn't know I swore never again. Some of my favorite series are Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The Hollows, and The Night Angel Trilogy. When not basking in the greatness of books and not working I love to talk nerdy in the chats. I am big into geekdom (TMNT are the best) so you can see me enjoying that awesomeness. I also love spending time with my family. So Welcome!! Enjoy!!! and It is going to be interesting.


          Maggie here. How is everyone? This is a new site to me, and can't wait to get started. The first book that I will be reviewing will be Mind, The Beginning by Jenn Nixon. I will be back hopefully tomorrow with the review for her book. I read all types of books, so look out. If you want me to review a certain book, please leave a comment. While I can't promise that I will be able to fit it in, I will try my best too. I love reading all types of books.

          What got me started, you may ask, honestly when I was a senor in high school. I was an office runner and was walking around bored, and found the first Harry Potter book sitting on top the recycling bin in the cafeteria. When no one claimed it, it was all mine. Decided to give it a try, since I was bored, and fell in love. I hated reading before that. Now I can't seem to but books down. What about you? What book did you fall for that has soared your reading into the clouds? Let me know in the comments. Okay I think this is where I say goodbye for now, so I can go finish my book and come back and tell you about it.
Thanks a Million.

p.s. I like color :)